This is a community generated PowerShell Module for Actifio Global Manager (AGM).  
It provides a method to issue commands to AGM API endpoints, like "Application" and "Host".
This lets you create automation with AGM, or generate your own composite functions.
More information can be found here:

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Install-Module -Name AGMPowerCLI

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Anthony Vandewerdt


(c) 2022 Google, Inc. All rights reserved

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Get-AGMAPIData Get-AGMAPIApplianceInfo Get-AGMAPIApplianceReport Post-AGMAPIData Put-AGMAPIData Connect-AGM Disconnect-AGM Convert-FromUnixDate Convert-ToUnixDate Convert-AGMDuration Get-AGMErrorMessage Test-AGMJSON Get-AGMAPILimit Get-AGMAppliance Get-AGMApplication Get-AGMApplicationCount Get-AGMApplicationActiveImage Get-AGMApplicationAppClass Get-AGMApplicationInstanceMember Get-AGMApplicationMember Get-AGMApplicationTypes Get-AGMApplicationWorkflow Get-AGMApplicationWorkflowStatus Get-AGMAudit Get-AGMCloudVM Get-AGMConsistencyGroup Get-AGMCredential Get-AGMDiskPool Get-AGMEvent Get-AGMHost Get-AGMImage Get-AGMImageCount Get-AGMImageSystemRecovery Get-AGMImageSystemStateOptions Get-AGMJob Get-AGMJobHistory Get-AGMJobStatus Get-AGMLDAPConfig Get-AGMLDAPGroup Get-AGMLogicalGroup Get-AGMLogicalGroupMember Get-AGMOrg Get-AGMRight Get-AGMRole Get-AGMSession Get-AGMSLT Get-AGMSLTPolicy Get-AGMSLP Get-AGMSLA Get-AGMTimeZoneHandling Get-AGMUser Get-AGMVersion Get-AGMVersionDetail Get-AGMWorkflow Import-AGMOnVault Import-AGMPDSnapshot New-AGMAppDiscovery New-AGMAppliance New-AGMCloudVM New-AGMConsistencyGroup New-AGMCredential New-AGMHost New-AGMMount New-AGMOrg New-AGMRole New-AGMSLA Set-AGMAPIApplianceTask Save-AGMPassword Set-AGMCredential Set-AGMAPILimit Set-AGMConsistencyGroup Set-AGMConsistencyGroupMember Set-AGMHostPort Set-AGMImage Set-AGMTimeZoneHandling Set-AGMOrgApplication Set-AGMOrgHost Set-AGMOrgLogicalGroup Set-AGMSLA Remove-AGMAppliance Remove-AGMApplication Remove-AGMConsistencyGroup Remove-AGMCredential Remove-AGMHost Remove-AGMHostPort Remove-AGMImage Remove-AGMJob Remove-AGMMigrate Remove-AGMMount Remove-AGMOrg Remove-AGMRole Remove-AGMSLA Remove-AGMUser Restore-AGMApplication Start-AGMReplicateLog Start-AGMMigrate Update-AGMOrg Get-GoogleCloudBackupDRConsole


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       ## [] 2022-07-22

       ## [] 2022-06-29
       Added support for Org ID to new-Host and new-credential.   Added support for OnVault pool in new-credential while improving logic.  Added secretkey support to new-host, renamed Get-GBDRConsole to Get-GoogleCloudBackupDRConsole

       ## [] 2022-06-15
       Add New-AGMHost, Set-AGMHostPort,  Remove-AGMHostPort, update license info
       Teach Get-AGMHost to show extra info when ID is specified

       ## [] 2022-04-22
       Add Import-AGMPDSnapshot,   allowed user to set timeout with -agmtimeout and set default to 60 seconds

       ## [] 2022-04-13
       Option -o to show filterable fields did not work on PS 5.

       ## [] 2022-04-13
       Add Appliance API commands:  Get-AGMAPIApplianceInfo, Get-AGMAPIApplianceReport, Set-AGMAPIApplianceTask

       ## [] 2022-03-30
       Add Get-AGMImageSystemRecovery

       ## [] 2022-01-07
       Handle empty packet return error line 544
       Changed default timeout to 20 seconds

       ## [] 2021-10-11
       Add Remove-AGMAppliance and New-AGMAppliance

       ## [] 2021-09-15
       Taught Get-AGMCloudVM to use offset and limit correctly, it was only fetching 10 VMs before this and ignoring the limit

       ## [] 2021-09-13
       Allow silent install
       Teach Remove-AGMImage to use force=false
       Teach Set-AGMImage to change expiration
       Teach Get-AGMImage and Set-AGMImage and Remove-AGMImage to work with both imagename and backupname

       ## [] 2021-09-12
       Added Get-AGMApplicationCount
       Told Get-AGMSLA to stop allowing -o, as this endpoint cannot be queried for filterable fields

       ## [] 2021-09-08
       New-AGMCredential was missed from the PSD1 file.   Corrected this

       ## [] 2021-08-24
       Added Remove-AGMCredential, New-AGMCredential, Set-AGMCredential, Get-AGMImageCount, New-AGMCloudVM, Get-AGMCloudVM
       Updated Get-AGMCredential to allow individual credential to be selected
       Updated Convert-FromUnixDate to handle empty fields

       ## [] 2021-07-14
       Teach Set-AGMSLA how to work with logical groups
       Fix issue with Get-AGMLogicalGroupMember where groups with more than 1 member get no output
       Teach the Get functions to allow both ID and say slaid for SLAs, or appid for apps.
       Add Start-AGMReplicateLog

       ## [] 2021-07-12  
       Improve help text for Remove-AGMMount
       Add Set-AGMimage to allow user to set labels

       ## [] 2021-06-28    
       Add Get-AGMCredential

       ## [] 2021-06-28
       Teach Remove-AGMMount about preservevm
       Fix install bug on Linux OS on line 80 of Install-AGMPowerLib.ps1

       ## [] 2020-12-04
       Teach Remove-AGMHost about clusterIDs

       ## [] 2020-12-03
       Improve output of filter value options when shown with -o, they are now alpha sorted, format nicer and dont get JSON layer error if the list is too long

       ## [] 2020-10-29
       Add New-AGMAppDiscovery

       ## [] 2020-10-28
       Add Remove-AGMHost

       ## [] 2020-10-13
       Add duration conversion routine to job, jobstatus and jobhistory

       ## [] 2020-09-20
       Improved module description for PowerShell Gallery users
       Added more help information

       ## [] 2020-09-18
       Add Get-AGMAPILimit, fix issue with Set-AGMAPILimit in PS5

       ## [] 2020-09-18
       Allow this module to be run by PS5

       ## [] 2020-09-07
       Get-AGMApplicationWorkflowStatus was being truncated by item column

       ## [] 2020-09-5
       Added Restore-AGMApplication
       Changed most variables from int to string as their size can exceed int very easily

       ## [] 2020-08-24
       Added Import-AGMOnVault   
       Support not equals filter method

       ## [] 2020-08-21
       Added New-AGMSLA, Remove-AGMSLA, Set-AGMSLA, Remove-AGMMigrate, Start-AGMMigrate, Get-AGMImageSystemStateOptions
       Better handle case where -o does not fetch correctly formated filtervalues
       ## [] 2020-07-20
       Split modules so non-base functions are in AGMPowerLib


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