This is a community generated PowerShell Module for Actifio Global Manager (AGM).  
It provides composite functions that combine commands to various AGM API endpoints, to achieve specific outcomes.
Examples include mounting a database, creating a new VM or running a workflow.
More information about this module can be found here:
This is a community generated PowerShell Module for Actifio Global Manager (AGM).  
It provides composite functions that combine commands to various AGM API endpoints, to achieve specific outcomes.
Examples include mounting a database, creating a new VM or running a workflow.
More information about this module can be found here:
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Anthony Vandewerdt


(c) 2022 Google, Inc. All rights reserved

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Actifio AGM Sky CDS CDX VDP ActifioGO


Export-AGMLibSLT Get-AGMLibActiveImage Get-AGMLibApplicationID Get-AGMLibApplianceParameter Get-AGMLibAppPolicies Get-AGMLibContainerYAML Get-AGMLibCredentialSrcID New-AGMLibGCPInstance Get-AGMLibHostID Get-AGMLibHostList Get-AGMLibImageDetails Get-AGMLibImageRange Get-AGMLibFollowJobStatus Get-AGMLibLastPostCommand Get-AGMLibLatestImage Get-AGMLibPolicies Get-AGMLibRunningJobs Get-AGMLibSLA Get-AGMLibWorkflowStatus Import-AGMLibOnVault Import-AGMLibPDSnapshot Import-AGMLibSLT New-AGMLibAWSVM New-AGMLibAzureVM New-AGMLibContainerMount New-AGMLibDb2Mount New-AGMLibFSMount New-AGMLibGCEConversion New-AGMLibGCEConversionMulti New-AGMLibGCEInstanceDiscovery New-AGMLibGCVEfailover New-AGMLibGCPInstanceMultiMount New-AGMLibGCPVM New-AGMLibImage New-AGMLibMultiMount New-AGMLibMSSQLMount New-AGMLibMSSQLMulti New-AGMLibMySQLMount New-AGMLibPostgreSQLMount New-AGMLibSAPHANAMount New-AGMLibVM New-AGMLibVMMultiMount New-AGMLibMultiVM New-AGMLibOracleMount New-AGMLibMSSQLMigrate New-AGMLibSystemStateToVM New-AGMLibVMExisting Remove-AGMLibMount Restore-AGMLibMount Set-AGMLibApplianceParameter Set-AGMLibImage Set-AGMLibMSSQLMigrate Set-AGMLibSLA Start-AGMLibWorkflow Start-AGMLibPolicy Start-AGMLibRansomwareRecovery


Release Notes

       ## [] 2022-06-27
       Significantly improved useability of Import-AGMLibOnVault.   Added latest image section to New-AGMLibMSSQLMount

       ## [] 2022-6-17
       Taught New-AGMLibGCVEfailover to handle single node ESX clusters

       ## [] 2022-06-17
       Taught New-AGMLibGCPInstance how to handle empty image data responses and give more helpful guidance to the user.  Also warn user when zone doesnt have a network and dont show double network where we have two subnets in a region

       ## [] 2022-06-17
       Improved New-AGMLibMSSQLMount guided section and added discovery option. Added New-AGMLibMSSQLMulti and New-AGMLibGCEInstanceDiscovery
       Switched license to Apache 2.0
       Taught New-AGMLibGCVEfailover to handle multiple vCenters

       ## [] 2022-05-16
       Handle lower vs upper case DB names and also missing recovery point for New-AGMLibDb2Mount

       ## [] 2022-05-12
       Add New-AGMLibDb2Mount.  Corrected selection logic error with several reports on PS5 where AGM had only a single appliance.   Added GCE forget function to Remove-AGMLibMount

       ## [] 2022-05-11
       Add New-AGMLibPostgreSQLMount, New-AGMLibMySQLMount, New-AGMLibSAPHANAMount.  Corrected password issue with New-AGMLibOracleMount with PS5

       ## [] 2022-04-22
       Add Import-AGMLibPDSnapshot,  Improved New-AGMLibGCEConversion and New-AGMLibGCPInstance

       ## [] 2022-04-14
       Add more debug info to Import-AGMLibOnVault and increase timeout value to handle long pauses while fetching applications

       ## [] 2022-04-13
       Remove spurious information from job details when runninng New-AGMLibGCEConversion and New-AGMLibGCPInstance, corrected issue with image count when 1 image is found in New-AGMLibGCEConversion

       ## [] 2022-04-13
       Teach Get-AGMLibCredentialSrcID to show clusterid.  Teach New-AGMLibVM how to specify storage performance option and New-AGMLibGCVEfailover how to use that as well
       Fixed disktype selection in  New-AGMLibGCPInstance  ALso removed option to use -credentialid, you have to use -srcid
       Add New-AGMLibGCEConversion and New-AGMLibGCEConversionMulti, Set-AGMLibApplianceParameter,  Get-AGMLibApplianceParameter

       ## [] 2022-03-08
       Fixed typo

       ## [] 2022-03-08
       Teach New-AGMLibGCPInstance and New-AGMLibGCPInstanceMultiMount to allow for 4 NICs per GCE instance rather than 2
       Teach New-AGMLibGCPInstance to prefer user set label to retained label and not force duplicate key error when the user defines a label key that already existed
       ## [] 2022-01-07
       New-AGMLibGCVEfailover was ignoring power settings  
       New-AGMLibGCPVM needs to show unmanaged apps or imported images dont show up.  Guided mode now lets you choose managed, unmanaged or imported apps
       New-AGMLibVMExisting, New-AGMLibSystemStateToVM will also stop insisting source app is managed.

       ## [] 2021-12-29
       Teach New-AGMLibSystemStateToVM to work with imported apps, was previously restricting to only managed apps which meant imported apps never appeared in guided menu

       ## [] 2021-11-29
       Teach Import and Export AGMLibSLT about GCS Buckets.   Improve Installer
       Add New-AGMLibGCVEfailover   Added label to sample command in  New-AGMLibVM

       ## [] 2021-11-05
       Teach New-AGMLibVM to handle imported images and OnVault images without being prompted.  Switch default mount mode to nfs. Fixed bug where labels were not being assigned
       Teach Get-AGMLibSLA to know about SLT name and SLP name

       ## [] 2021-09-16
       Teach New-AGMLibGCPInstance to show existing labels with -retainlabel true

       ## [] 2021-09-13
       Allow silent install

       ## [] 2021-09-13
       Added appcount to Get-AGMLibPolicies

       ## [] 2021-09-08
       Made pre-session check more demanding to ensure we always have a good session before starting a composite function
       Improved RansomWare Recovery flow
       Taught New-AGMLibVM  will work with OnVault
       Taught New-AGMLibSystemStateToVM to handle stacked OnVault images
       Added  New-AGMVMMultiMount
       ## [] 2021-08-27
       Added Export-AGMLibSLT, Import-AGMLibSLT, Import-AGMLibOnVault, Get-AGMLibHostList, Get-AGMLibCredentialSrcID
       Improved Start-AGMLibRansomwareRecovery

       ## [] 2021-08-11
       Added Remove-AGMLibMount   Improved Start-AGMLibRansomwareRecovery

       ## [] 2021-07-27
       Improved New-AGMLibMultiMount help

       ## [] 2021-07-09
       Added ostype and label field to Get-AGMLibImageRange.  Also added a lot more help info.
       Give Hostname and appname when running Start-AGMLibPolicy
       New-AGMLibMultiMount was ignoring hostid, corrected this.  
       Added full guided mode for Start-AGMLibPolicy
       Teach Start-AGMLibPolicy to work with logical groups
       Taught New-AGMLibGCPInstance to handle disktype requests
       Add Set-AGMLibSLA, Get-AGMLibSLA, Set-AGMLibImage, Start-AGMLibRansomwareRecovery
       Changed Get-AGMLibPolicies and Get-AGMLibAppPolicies to use common operation terms rather than id

       ## [] 2021-06-20
       Added Start-AGMLibPolicy, New-AGMLibGCPInstance, New-AGMLibMultiMount, New-AGMLibGCPInstanceMultiMount
       Allow Get-AGMLibImageRange to work with SLT Name.  
       Check for ostype in New-AGMLibSystemStateToVM as some vmware images may not have that value as reported in Issue 13
       Fix install bug on Linux OS in line 80 of Install-AGMPowerLib.ps1

       ## [] 2020-11-12
       Start-AGMLibWorkflow now uses correct host timezone when specifying ENDPIT and user and host timezones are different
       New-AGMLibImage was not printing errors in monitor mode, fixed this.  Also changed the syntax from capturetype to backuptype as this is more obvious

       ## [] 2020-11-11
       Improved monitor logic in reports that offer it
       Get-AGMLibApplicationID will ignore orphan apps
       Enhanced New-AGMLibImage by adding wait process and improving monitor process
       Enhanced Get-AGMLibFollowJobStatus to handle queued (readiness) and initializing job statuses.
       Enhanced Get-AGMLibRunningJobs with -q and -e options to track queued jobs and all dogs

       ## [] 2020-11-01
       Allow New-AGMLibMSSQLMount to remount a mount

       ## [] 2020-10-29
       Improve the follow logic for monitor function in all functions that use it.   Improve maturity of New-AGMLibVMExisting

       ## [] 2020-10-28
       Wait option was not working in all the functions that create new objects

       ## [] 2020-10-17
       Added jobtag to Get-AGMLibWorkflowStatus

       ## [] 2020-10-17
       AGMPowerCLI added duration conversion, which clashed with functions already using Convert-AGMDuration to do this.   Corrected Get-AGMLibRunningJobs,Get-AGMLibFollowJobStatus.

       ## [] 2020-10-09
       Revamped New-AGMLibMSSQLMigrate and Set-AGMLibMSSQLMigrate with improved menus and help.  Enhanced imagestate column in Get-AGMLibActiveImage. Added migrate user story

       ## [] 2020-09-20
       Improved module description for PowerShell Gallery users


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