This is a community generated PowerShell Module that can be used to manage Actifio VDP Appliances.  
It provides a method to issue udsinfo, udstask and report commands, and Actifio CDS specific task/info commands.
More information can be found here:

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Install-PSResource -Name ActPowerCLI

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  • Anthony Vandewerdt




Connect-Act Disconnect-Act udsinfo udstask usvcinfo usvctask Save-ActPassword Set-ActAPILimit Get-ActAPILimit Get-InternalSARGReport Get-Privileges Get-ActAppID Get-LastSnap reportlist Get-ActifioLogs


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       ## [] 2022-07-20
       Allow user to specify plaintext password when running Save-ActPassword

       ## [] 2022-02-01
       URL encode password to ensure that passwords with special characters dont cause an issue, for instance a password with a # gets invalid vendorkey and/or 400 errors
       Remove unneeded contenttype and header parms specified during login

       ## [] 2021-12-22
       Get-SARGReport should not be run by users, they can just run the SARG report directly. if commands use parms, they will be lost which can cause incorrect results being shown.   Changing to rename it Get-InternalSARGReport
       If you are using it in scripts, you will need to update those scripts before updating to this version of ActPowerCLI. Just remove the Get-SARGReport as it is not needed

       ## [] 2021-12-16
       Handle case where response is null and timed out long running operation.  Clean error message will appears if empty response is received.  Timeout now applies to every single command

       ## [] 2021-11-16
       The check for env:acthost was swapped with env:actsessionid at some point, resulting in a double check for env:actsessionid

       ## [] 2021-11-08
       Finally removed all PS4 content.  The DLL is now finally gone.  This module will only support PS5 going forward
       Added configurable timeout using -timeout with connect-act
       Added silent install
       Corrected issue where timeout was not being reported as an error due to missing * in the like statements

       ## [] 2020-11-09
       Make PS version appear in appliance audit log

       ## [] 2020-11-04
       Added command completion for udsinfo and udstask commands

       ## [] 2020-10-18
       Handle role field in reportlist when it appears
       Installer was allowing install into PS3, but PSD1 file was then refusing to allow the module to start.   So instead do not allow the install.
       Get-Privileges output was blank, corrected this and heading typo

       ## [] 2020-09-30
       If a uds command offers an empty variable as an argument, ignore it, let appliance complain if command is not valid.  This prevents .psm1:1608 char:17 error

       ## [] 2020-09-20
       Improved module description for PowerShell Gallery users

       ## [] 2020-09-18
       Set-ActAPILimit was using a PS7 test that failed on PS5,  added Get-ActAPILimit

       ## [] 2020-09-13
       Updates to allow this version to run on PS5.  

       ## [] 2020-09-15
       Fix typo in SARG sort order logic that was making some searches find nothing

       ## [] 2020-09-02
       Add Get-ActifioLogs

       ## [] 2020-09-02
       Add Get-ActifioLogs

       ## [] 2020-08-16
       udstask testconnection commands were having .result stripped off.  This change also means udstask commands may return a status.

       ## [] 2020-08-03
       Added sort order logic to bring order to the output
       Handle apps with space in their names

       ## [] 2020-07-16
       usvctask rmmdisk only worked if -force was the first parameter.   Added check for this, so both of these now work (previously only the upper one worked):
       usvctask rmmdisk -force -mdisk mdisk1 mdiskgrp1
       usvctask rmmdisk -mdisk mdisk1 -force mdiskgrp1
       ## [] 2020-06-24
       Added Tags to PSD file so module can be found in PowerShell Gallery
       ## [] 2020-06-23
       Corrected issue where udsinfo -h printed every command twice.
       ## [] 2020-06-20
       No functional changes.  This version is uploaded to PSGallery:
       ## [] 2020-06-19
       Because report commands do not load as functions until after Connect-Act, this causes confusion.   Added reportlist as a discreet function to give useful error message.
       ## [] 2020-06-18
       All error messages that are locally generated will use the same format as appliance generated, making the behavior more consistent and script able.
       ## [] 2020-06-16
       Added helpful exit message when Get-SARGReport is run without a sub-command, rather than no message
       When Get-SARGReport is run with -h will now show reportlist output rather than no message
       Corrected issue where when Connect-Act was run with -quiet, user could not run any SARG reports
       Added URL encoding to SARG payload
       Added code to support SARG help when it is supported on Appliance Side
       ## [] 2020-06-14
       Stop exporting private functions
       ## [] 2020-06-14
       Added missing cmdlets: Get-Privileges, Get-LastSnap, Get-ActAppID  as functions
       Improved help
       ## [] 2020-06-13
       Initial release


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