Alkane PSF Helpers for MSIX, enabling MSIX Packagers to inject Microsoft or Tim Mangan PSF fix-ups using cmdlets.  

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Install-Module -Name AlkanePSF

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Install-PSResource -Name AlkanePSF

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Package Details


  • Kae Travis


MSIX PSF Alkane AlkanePSF


Install-AlkanePSFPrerequisite New-AlkanePSFStagedPackage Add-AlkanePSFApplication Add-AlkanePSFFileRedirectionFixup Add-AlkanePSFRegLegacyFixup Add-AlkanePSFEnvVarFixup Add-AlkanePSFDynamicLibraryFixup Add-AlkanePSFStartScript Add-AlkanePSFEndScript Set-AlkanePSF New-AlkanePSFMSIX Add-AlkanePSFMFRFixup Add-AlkanePSFTraceFixup


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

1.0.1 - Bug fix when finding SDK executables.
1.0.2 - Included support for Tim Mangan PSF.
       2.0.0 - Included support for MFR fixup, inPackageContext, bug fixes and new cmdlet parameters added.
       2.0.1 - Included support for Trace fixup.
       2.0.2 - Fixed bug with start and end scripts.
       2.0.3 - Remove blank arrays.
       2.0.4 - MFR validation sets added.
       2.0.5 - Bug fixes.
       2.0.6 - Enable specifying signed MSIX path.
       2.0.7 - Renamed MSIX output variable.
       2.0.8 - Increase ConvertTo-Json depth.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.8 (current version) 9 4/7/2024