Fabric Admin Client

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There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Install-Module -Name Azs.Fabric.Admin -RequiredVersion 0.5.0

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AzureStack Fabric Admin Infrastructure ScaleUnit FRP


Restart-AzsInfrastructureRoleInstance Get-AzsScaleUnitNode Disable-AzsScaleUnitNode Get-AzsLogicalNetwork Get-AzsInfrastructureShare Get-AzsSlbMuxInstance Get-AzsScaleUnit New-AzsIpPool Start-AzsInfrastructureRoleInstance Get-AzsMacAddressPool Get-AzsEdgeGatewayPool Restart-AzsInfrastructureRole Get-AzsVolume Enable-AzsScaleUnitNode Get-AzsInfrastructureRole Get-AzsIpPool Get-AzsLogicalSubnet Get-AzsEdgeGateway Get-AzsInfrastructureLocation Suspend-AzsInfrastructureRoleInstance Start-AzsScaleUnitNode Get-AzsInfrastructureRoleInstance Repair-AzsScaleUnitNode Stop-AzsInfrastructureRoleInstance Stop-AzsScaleUnitNode Add-AzsScaleUnitNode New-AzsScaleUnitNodeObject Get-AzsDrive Get-AzsStorageSubSystem


Release Notes

           * Breaking changes for Drive and Volume resources with API version 2019-05-01: (The features are supported by Azure Stack 1910+)
               * The value of Id, Name, HealthStatus and OperationalStatus have been changed.
               * We have supported new properties FirmwareVersion, IsIndicationEnabled, Manufacturer and StoragePool for Drive resources.
               * The properties CanPool and CannotPoolReason of Drive resources have been deprecated, please use OperationalStatus instead.
           * Model updated for Fabriclocation
               * Get-AzsInfrastructurelocation support new fields of external DNS endpoints, admin operation name and status and Startup / Shutdown time.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.2 442 12/16/2021
1.0.1 2,528 6/23/2021
1.0.0 707 6/3/2021
0.9.1-preview 6,390 8/6/2020
0.9.0-preview 969 4/15/2020
0.5.0 (current version) 12,412 11/26/2019
0.4.1 22,352 5/9/2019
0.4.0 11,499 2/8/2019
0.3.0 3,789 12/21/2018
0.2.0 5,930 9/17/2018
0.1.2 3,778 8/9/2018
0.1.1 9,275 5/16/2018
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