Storage Admin Client

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There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Azs.Storage.Admin -RequiredVersion 0.3.0

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AzureStack Admin Storage SRP


Get-AzsStorageAccount Get-AzsStorageAcquisition Get-AzsStorageQuota Get-AzsStorageSettings New-AzsStorageQuota Remove-AzsStorageQuota Restore-AzsStorageAccount Set-AzsStorageQuota Start-AzsReclaimStorageCapacity Update-AzsStorageSettings


Release Notes

* Azs.Storage.Admin is updated in this version to support admin api-version 2019-08-08-preview.
                - Removes the following commands: Get-AzsBlob*, Get-AzsQueue*, Get-AzsTable*, Get-AzsStorageShare* and *StorageContainerMigration.
                - Adds new commands like *AzsStorageSettings to do operation on storage settings, e.g. retention days.
                - *FARM* concept is removed. The usage of powershell commands are almost the same except you do not need to specify *FarmName*.
                - For detailed description for the breaking changes, please refer to

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.2 2,936 12/16/2021
1.0.1 3,398 6/23/2021
1.0.0 985 6/3/2021
0.9.0-preview 7,532 4/15/2020
0.3.2 5,018 6/3/2021
0.3.1 4,586 8/6/2020
0.3.0 (current version) 2,339 12/20/2019
0.2.3 27,167 5/9/2019
0.2.2 8,448 3/28/2019
0.2.1 7,276 12/21/2018
0.2.0 5,785 9/17/2018
0.1.1 3,735 8/9/2018
0.1.0 9,205 5/16/2018
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