function Get-AzDevOpsDeletedGitRepositorie {
        Gets Azure DevOps deleted Git Repositories.
        Gets deleted Git Repositories from Azure Devops Repos.
        Get-AzDevOpsDeletedGitRepositorie -Project 'ProjectName'
        Get-AzDevOpsDeletedGitRepositorie -Project 'ProjectName' -IsSoftDeleted
        Get-AzDevOpsDeletedGitRepositorie -Project 'ProjectName' -Name 'RepositorieName'
        PAT Permission Scope: vso.code
        Description: Grants the ability to read source code and metadata about commits, changesets, branches, and other version control artifacts.
        Also grants the ability to search code and get notified about version control events via service hooks.

    param (
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [string]$Name = '*',
    end {
        try {
            $script:function = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name
            $script:projectName = $Project
            [AzureDevOpsGitDeletedRepositorie]::Get($IsSoftDeleted).where{ $ -imatch "^$Name$" }
        catch {
            throw $_