Azure Stack Adminisitration Module

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Install-Module -Name AzureStack

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Release Notes

## 2018.09 - Version 1.5.0
           * All the Azure Stack Admin modules are updated for greater than or equal to dependency on the AzureRm.Profile module
           * Support for handling nested resource names in all the modules
           * Bug fix in all the modules where ErrorActionPreference is being overridden to be Stop
           * Azs.Compute.Admin Module
               * New quota properties added for the support of manged disk
               * Addition of disk migration related cmdlets
               * Additional properties in the Platform Image and VM extesnion objects
           * Azs.Fabric.Admin
               * New cmdlet for adding scale unit node
           * Azs.Backup.Admin
               * Set-AzsBackupShare is an alias now to the cmdlet Set-AzsBackupConfiguration
               * Get-AzsBackupLocation is an alias now to the cmdlet Get-AzsBackupConfiguration
               * Set-AzsBackupConfiguration, the parameter BackupShare is an alias now for the parameter path
           * Azs.Subscriptions
               * Get-AzsDelegatedProviderOffer, the parameter OfferName is now an alias for Offer
           * Azs.Subscriptions.Admin
               * Get-AzsDelegatedProviderOffer, the parameter OfferName is now an alias for Offer

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.5.0 (current version) 1,301 9/17/2018
1.4.0 2,289 8/9/2018
1.3.0 4,508 5/16/2018
1.2.11 24,920 10/13/2017
1.2.10 8,651 7/8/2017
1.2.9 22,026 3/14/2017
1.2.8 6,837 1/12/2017
1.2.7 115 1/4/2017