Provides cmdlets for obtaining Consumer Keys and Secrets, an Access Token and Refesh Token for a specfic Consumer and the option to Refresh a Token to be used with the Bitbucket API.

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Install-Module -Name Bitbucket.v2

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Paul Towler


(c) 2017 Paul Towler and contributors. All rights reserved.



Bitbucket OAuth2 PowerShell


ConvertTo-Base64String Connect-Bitbucket Get-BitbucketKey New-BitbucketToken Update-BitbucketToken


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## 1.1.2
* Fixed psm1 file and added Export-ModuleMember to exoort the functions

## 1.1.1
* Fixed release Notes

## 1.1.0
* Rewrote Module. Found I had a cached credential giving me a false positive.
* New modules: ConvertTo-Base64String, Connect-Bitbucket, Get-BitbucketKey, New-BitbucketToken & Update-BitbucketToken
* Removed modules: Get-BitbucketAuthCode, Get-Bitbucket
* Added Human mode to display nice output. Default is non-Human
## 1.0.0
* Updated functionality initially created by Yohan Belval
* Added the ability to get Consumer Keys and Secrets or an Access Token for a Consumer

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.2 (current version) 1,085 10/7/2017
1.1.1 87 7/19/2017
1.1.0 9 7/19/2017
1.0.0 12 7/12/2017