Create/Restore directory bookmark.
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Install-Module -Name Bookmarks -RequiredVersion 2.1.5

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Dmitry Stadub


(c) Dmitry Stadub. All rights reserved.



bookmarks bookmark pushd list-directory navigation workspaces cd directorymarks directory folder


CreateFolderIfNotExist Test-Empty Get-ProfileDataFile Get-ProfileDir Combine-Path Last CheckPsGalleryUpdate Initalize Add-PSBookmark Remove-PSBookmark Remove-AllPSBookmarks Open-PSBookmark Restore-PSBookmarks Save-PSBookmarks Get-PSBookmarks Update-PSBookmark


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       Change %userData% detection logic.        
       Move initation logic to Loader.psm1
       Change test environment to  StrictMode=Latest
       Update icon.
       Remove extra shared functions
       Add update checker

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.2.0 241 10/30/2019
2.1.6 16 10/8/2019
2.1.5 (current version) 25 8/28/2019
2.1.1 9 8/28/2019
2.0.1 10 8/15/2019
1.2.0 21 6/25/2019
1.1.3 34 4/19/2019
1.1.2 10 4/19/2019
1.1.1 9 4/18/2019
1.1 11 4/18/2019
1.0.1 9 4/18/2019
1.0 11 4/18/2019