PowerShell Module used to build your own Manage-FreeIPA module based on your own server configuration. All functions and related binding code are automatically built based on your schema and env -

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Install-Module -Name Build-FreeIPAModule

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Install-PSResource -Name Build-FreeIPAModule

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(c) 2018-2020 Distributed under Artistic Licence 2.0 (

Package Details


  • LCU


API FreeIPA IPA Kerberos Ldap Identity-Management identity


Invoke-FreeIPAAPIJson_Metadata Get-FreeIPAAPIAuthenticationCookie Invoke-FreeIPAAPISessionLogout Invoke-FreeIPAAPIEnv Export-IPASchema Export-IPAEnv Publish-IPAModule Get-IPAPCmdletName Get-IPACmdletBinding Get-IPACmdletBindingValue Get-IPABindingCondition Set-FreeIPAAPICredentials Import-FreeIPAAPICrendentials Set-FreeIPAAPIServerConfig Get-ScriptDirectory Set-FreeIPAProxy


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Second public release of IPA Powershell Module Builder - Add multi config file as requested by baldator + Fix securestring issue reported by nadinezan + add proxy management to connect to IPA


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.8 (current version) 311 2/25/2020
0.7 127 11/19/2018
0.5 32 11/18/2018