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Install-Module -Name BuildAndDeploy

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Build Deploy


Add-FunctionsToExport Complete-TokenTransform Copy-ArtifactToSession Get-DscEncryptionCertificate Get-WindowsServiceRecovery Import-PowerShellDataFileConfigs Increment-ModuleVersion Install-RequiredModules Invoke-TokenTransform Invoke-VulnerabilityCheck Measure-DependencyVulnerabilities Merge-ConfigHashtables Protect-PowershellScripts Publish-ModuleToFeed Register-Repository Set-ModuleAsPreRelease Set-WindowsServiceRecovery Show-PackageLicences Test-DependencyVulnerabilities Test-TokenTransform Uninstall.RequiredModules UnRegister-Repository Update-AssemblyInfo Use-DscEncryptionCertificate


Release Notes

           8.1.0) Release Branch set to array of main or master
           8.0.0) Rebranded
       7.1.1) Updated license url mapping
           7.1.0) adding Protect-PowershellScripts function
           7.0.0) Using PowerHtml for Html Traversing
           6.0.2) Bump version on ProGet
           6.0.1) Build pipeline migration
           6.0.0) Get and Set of Window Service Recovery times
           5.0.0) Pre-Release flag as function on builds
           4.3.0) Get-DscEncryptionCertificate bug fix
           4.2.0) Get-DscEncryptionCertificate will skip cert create/export for all Windows versions except 2016
   4.1.0) Get and Set -DscEncryptionCertificate functions
           4.0.1) Set to require PowershellGet 1.6.6
           4.0) PreRelease support
           3.0) Adding TokenTransform functions
           2.0) Adding Copy-ArtifactToSession function
           1.0) Rebranding as BuildAndDeploy

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
8.1.0 (current version) 14 3/4/2021
8.0.0 54 3/26/2020
8.0.0-dev28851 6 3/26/2020
8.0.0-dev28848 6 3/26/2020
8.0.0-dev28842 6 3/26/2020