Module for creating and displaying Toast Notifications on Microsoft Windows 10.

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There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name BurntToast -RequiredVersion 0.7.0

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Install-PSResource -Name BurntToast -Version 0.7.0

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(c) 2015 Joshua (Windos) King. All rights reserved.

Package Details


  • Joshua (Windos) King


Notifications Utilities Windows10 Toast


Get-BTHistory New-BTAction New-BTAppId New-BTAudio New-BTBinding New-BTButton New-BTContent New-BTContextMenuItem New-BTHeader New-BTImage New-BTInput New-BTProgressBar New-BTSelectionBoxItem New-BTShoulderTapBinding New-BTShoulderTapImage New-BTShoulderTapPeople New-BTText New-BTVisual New-BurntToastNotification New-BurntToastShoulderTap Remove-BTNotification Submit-BTNotification Update-BTNotification


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

# 0.7.0

* HEADLINE FEATURE: My People "Shoulder Tap" notifications have been implemented
* You can now specify images on the network via UNC paths. Fix for #56
* We're now properly supporting bindable text, and removing the curly braces more gracefully
* Get a list of all toasts you've sent, which have not been dismissed by the user, using Get-BTHistory
* Remove toasts you've sent, using Remove-BTNotification
* Set expiration times on toasts using the new ExpirationTime parameter on New-BurntToastNotification and Submit-BTNotification
 * Toasts which have expired are removed from the Action Center
* Send toasts directly to the Action Center, and avoid showing them on screen, with the new SuppressPopup switch on New-BurntToastNotification and Submit-BTNotification
* You can now adjust a toasts timestamp (both past and future) using the CustomTimestamp parameter on New-BurntToastNotification and New-BTContent
 * If not specified, the system uses the time at which the toast was received and this may not accuratly reflect the intent of the notification


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.0-Preview2 2,755 5/6/2023
1.0.0-Preview1 965 2/9/2022
0.8.5 16,095,321 12/30/2020
0.8.4 2,097 12/29/2020
0.8.3 260,327 10/4/2020
0.8.2 2,784 9/24/2020
0.8.1 147 9/17/2020
0.8.0 4,874 9/11/2020
0.7.2 26,867 8/6/2020
0.7.1 92,517 4/9/2020
0.7.0 (current version) 116,448 4/1/2019
0.6.3 40,703 2/2/2019
0.6.2 19,182 6/5/2018
0.6.1 7,169 10/16/2017
0.6.0 2,843 4/28/2017
0.5.2 914 3/14/2017
0.5.1 1,164 1/1/2017
0.5.0 307 11/3/2016
0.4 882 7/31/2015
0.3 122 7/22/2015
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