Quickly search the AppDomain for classes and members.

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Patrick Meinecke


(c) 2017 Patrick Meinecke. All rights reserved.



DotNet Class Member Reflection


Find-Member Find-Type Find-Namespace Get-Assembly Get-Parameter


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Release Notes

# Version 1.1.0

## Find-Namespace Cmdlet

Added the `Find-Namespace` cmdlet for searching the AppDomain for specific namespaces.  This is
paticularly useful when exploring a new assembly to get a quick idea what's available. The namespace
objects returned from this cmdlet can be piped into `Find-Type` or `Find-Member`.

## More argument completion

Namespace parameters for `Find-Namespace` and `Find-Type` now have tab completion. The `Name` parameter
for `Get-Assembly` will now also complete assembly names.

## Not parameter

The cmdlets `Find-Namespace`, `Find-Type`, and `Find-Member` now have a `Not` parameter to negate the
search criteria. This makes chaining the commands to filter results a lot easier. Here's a basic example.

Find-Namespace Automation | Find-Member -Static | Find-Member -MemberType Field -Not

## Fixes

- The `Find-*` cmdlets no longer return all matches in the AppDomain if passed null pipeline input

- Added support for explicitly specifying the `InputObject` parameter from pipeline position 0

- `Find-Type` no longer throws when the `Namespace` parameter is specified with the `RegularExpression`
 switch parameter

- Various build and test fixes

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.0 (current version) 921 1/7/2018
1.0.1 88 8/28/2017
1.0.0 16 8/26/2017