.NET Debugging/Reverse Engineering Toolkit

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Install-Module -Name DebugTools

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Install-PSResource -Name DebugTools

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  • lordmilko


NET COM Debug Debugging ReverseEngineering Profile


Export-DbgProfilerStackTrace Get-ClrType Get-ComObject Get-ComObjectMethod Get-DbgProfiler Get-DbgProfilerException Get-DbgProfilerLastStackTrace Get-DbgProfilerMethod Get-DbgProfilerStackFrame Get-DbgProfilerStaticField Get-DbgProxy Get-DbgStaticField Get-PEHeader Import-DbgProfilerStackTrace Get-MethodDesc Get-MethodTable Invoke-DbgProfilerCommand Show-DbgProfilerStackTrace Clear-SOSDacCache Connect-SOSProcess Disconnect-SOSProcess Get-SOSAppDomain Get-SOSAssembly Get-SOSFieldDesc Get-SOSMethodDesc Get-SOSMethodTable Get-SOSModule Get-SOSProcess Get-SOSStackTrace Get-SOSThread Start-DbgProfiler Stop-DbgProfiler Trace-DbgProfilerStack Connect-UiProcess Disconnect-UiProcess Find-UiElement Get-UiElement Get-UiMessage Set-UiElement Show-UiTree Watch-DbgProfilerStack Invoke-UiElement


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Release Notes:

DebugTools is a PowerShell library for reverse engineering .NET applications. DebugTools contains a variety of cmdlets for performing deep introspection of .NET programs.

DebugTools can record all methods called in a given process during a specified timeframe, allow you to search, filter and display stack traces of methods matching a certain set of criteria, record values passed to and from methods as they execute, perform live queries of core .NET data structures including method tables and method descs, identify the underlying type of all COM objects consumed in a process, and more.


  • DebugTools.nuspec
  • ChaosLib.dll
  • Interop.UIAutomationClient.dll
  • ClrDebug.dll
  • Microsoft.Diagnostics.FastSerialization.dll
  • DebugTools.dll
  • Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime.dll
  • DebugTools.Format.ps1xml
  • Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.TraceEvent.dll
  • DebugTools.Host.x64.exe
  • Microsoft.Win32.Registry.dll
  • DebugTools.Host.x86.exe
  • stdole.dll
  • System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.dll
  • DebugTools.PowerShell.dll
  • System.Security.AccessControl.dll
  • DebugTools.psd1
  • System.Security.Principal.Windows.dll
  • Dia2Lib.dll
  • TraceReloggerLib.dll
  • EnvDTE.dll
  • x64\DebugTools.Native.x64.dll
  • EnvDTE80.dll
  • x64\Profiler.x64.dll
  • FlaUI.Core.dll
  • x86\DebugTools.Native.x86.dll
  • FlaUI.UIA3.dll
  • x86\Profiler.x86.dll

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.3.0 (current version) 21 12/23/2023
0.2.0 34 4/1/2023
0.1.0 15 3/16/2023