Can't get the latest Windows 10 or Windows 11 Feature update? You may have a Safeguard Hold. Need to find out what's blocking you? This module will help you find the block quickly!

** FU stands for Feature Update **

More details in my blog https://www.asquaredozen.com/2020/07/26/demystifying-windows-10-feature-update-blocks/

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name FU.WhyAmIBlocked

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Install-PSResource -Name FU.WhyAmIBlocked

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(c) Adam Gross (@AdamGrossTX). All rights reserved.

Package Details


  • Adam Gross (@AdamGrossTX)


Compatibility Appraiser FeatureUpdate HardBlock


ConvertFrom-FUBinToXML Expand-FUSDB Export-FUBypassBlock Export-FUXMLFromSDB Find-FUBlocksInSDB Get-FUBinFiles Get-FUBlocks Get-FUBlocksFromBin Get-FULatestModuleVersion Get-FUOSMap Get-FUXMLValuesFromTree Initialize-FUModule Start-FUCompatAppraiser


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes
 - Updated to handle ARM Processors. https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/14
 - Updated to handle ARM Processors. https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/14
 - Major update - removes the need for Python making this easier to run on any device.
 - Fixed #4 https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/4
 - Fixed #9 https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/9
 - Fixed #6 - https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/6
 - Reworked the file/folder structure to manage files from multiple source
 - Updated docs/help
 - Renamed functions to remove non-standard verbs
 - Updated build script
 - Added PythonPath option for fuconfig.json to allow for path to point to portable python (https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/1)
 - Fixed bug where Block GUIDs were being returned as a string instead of ArrayList (https://github.com/AdamGrossTX/FU.WhyAmIBlocked/issues/2)
 - Fixed Initialize-FUModule to address issue with reset not updating the file.
 - Fixed bug in Extract-XMLFromSDB where paths were mixed up
 - Moved Find-BlocksInSDB to Public
 - Initial Release
 - SDBUnpacker.py sourced from https://github.com/TheEragon/SdbUnpacker
 - sdb2XML sourced from https://devblogs.microsoft.com/setup/shim-database-to-xml/


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 78,869 10/10/2022 6,635 8/7/2020 49 8/5/2020 104 7/31/2020 32 7/30/2020