This script uses WMI to retrieve properties needed for a customer to register a device with Windows Autopilot.  Note that it is normal for the resulting CSV file to not collect a Windows Product ID (PKID) value since this is not required to register a device.  Only the serial number and hardware hash will be populated.

Installation Options

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Install-Script -Name Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo -RequiredVersion 2.3

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Michael Niehaus



Windows AutoPilot


This script has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Version 1.0:  Original published version.
Version 1.1:  Added -Append switch.
Version 1.2:  Added -Credential switch.
Version 1.3:  Added -Partner switch.
Version 1.4:  Switched from Get-WMIObject to Get-CimInstance.
Version 1.5:  Added -GroupTag parameter.
Version 1.6:  Bumped version number (no other change).
Version 2.0:  Added -Online parameter.
Version 2.1:  Bug fix.
Version 2.3:  Updated comments.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.5 29,469,924 9/21/2020
3.4 53,072 9/8/2020
3.3 269,375 7/27/2020
3.1 7,104 7/26/2020
3.0 7,341 7/23/2020
2.9 386 7/23/2020
2.7 14,199 7/21/2020
2.6 6,021 7/19/2020
2.5 25,846 7/14/2020
2.4 5,137 7/13/2020
2.3 (current version) 257,119 5/16/2020
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