Downloads dreary images from Flickr to use as lockscreen pictures. Why put up with being shown fantastic places you would rather be every time you start your computer, when you could see images of gloom and despair instead.

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Install-Module -Name GreatDismal

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Install-PSResource -Name GreatDismal

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CopyLeft sdixon. No rights reserved. DWTFYL licences—Do What The Fuck You Like with it.

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  • sdixon


personalisation appearance theme lockscreen dismal dreary theCrushingEmptinessOfQuotidianExistence




This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

skipped the registry step for get-despair, it's only needed on install


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.1.0 (current version) 156 1/30/2022
1.0.22 24 1/17/2022
1.0.21 15 1/17/2022
1.0.20 13 1/17/2022
1.0.10 182 5/3/2021
1.0.9 22 4/22/2021
1.0.8 132 2/17/2020
1.0.7 54 12/31/2019
1.0.5 30 11/20/2019
1.0.4 17 11/20/2019
1.0.3 30 11/6/2019
1.0.2 142 9/29/2019
1.0.1 39 7/30/2019
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