MigrationAdvisoryTool for HPE PowerShell Cmdlets: MigrationAdvisoryTool provides migration suggestion for existing HPE Cmdlets used in PowerShell scripts to latest HPE Cmdlets module.

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Install-Module -Name HPEMigrationAdvisoryTool

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise


(c) Copyright 2017-2018 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development, L.P. All rights reserved.



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Create-HPEMigrationAdvisoryThreadPool Start-HPEMigrationAdvisoryThreadScriptBlock Get-HPEMigrationAdvisoryThreadPipelines


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

HPEMigrationAdvisoryTool - Version
April 2018

HPEMigrationAdvisoryTool cmdlets provide migration suggestion for existing HPE Cmdlets used in PowerShell scripts to update to the latest HPE Cmdlets module
Migration suggestion to update the script file from 1.x to 2.x HPE Cmdlet module

This release includes following enhancements.
 - Migration support added for iLO cmdlets (Migrating HPiLOCmdlets V1.5 to HPEiLOCmdlets V2.X)
 - ExportCSV paramter changed to SwitchParameter.
 - Message property is added to the migration advice output, to provide user friendly message.
 - Parameter ScriptFile accpets relative path using dot(.) and double-dot(..).
 - Migration suggestion for parameter alias or parameter short name is not supported.
 - If the existing cmdlet fragment/split into multiple cmdlets then migration suggestion will provided only, if the existing cmdlet used with at least one parameter/property.
 - If the existing cmdlet ChangeType is "Merge", then make sure to add mandatory parameter to the new cmdlet (if any).

Version History

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