Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell : SysInfo Cmdlets provides an in-band tool for system info & health status on Gen10 and newer servers.

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Install-Module -Name HPESysInfoCmdlets

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE SysInfo SysInfoCmdlets


Clear-HPESysInfoLog Disable-HPESysInfoLog Enable-HPESysInfoLog Get-HPESysInfoASR Get-HPESysInfoBIOSSettings Get-HPESysInfoCooling Get-HPESysInfoEnclosure Get-HPESysInfoFirmware Get-HPESysInfoManagementProcessor Get-HPESysInfoMemory Get-HPESysInfoModuleVersion Get-HPESysInfoNetwork Get-HPESysInfoPCIDevice Get-HPESysInfoPCISlot Get-HPESysInfoPowerSupply Get-HPESysInfoProcessor Get-HPESysInfoServer Get-HPESysInfoServerHealth Get-HPESysInfoSoftware Get-HPESysInfoStorage Set-HPESysInfoASR


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

HPESysInfoCmdlets - Version
HPESysInfoCmdlets provides system information inband on HPE servers.
The following items from the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) must be installed.
   -iLO5 Channel Interface (CHIF) driver
   -Agentless Management Service (AMS)
-iLO5 Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) driver

HPESysInfoCmdlets provides additional data:
   - Get-HPESysInfoStorage returns Chassis_Drives for NVMe drives info.
   - Get-HPESysInfoPowerSupply returns SmartStorageBattery.

HPESysInfoCmdlets fixes:
   - Get-HPESysInfoEnclosure modify subitems output sequence to get StatusHealth/OnboardAdministrator/EnclosureModelNumberAndProductID info before other subitems which was removed from iLO5.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 66,583 9/17/2020 127 9/15/2020 154 9/11/2020 8,928 3/5/2020 8,342 10/29/2019 2,775 4/3/2019 751 3/7/2018 301 8/7/2017