PowerShell cmdlet to allow SAML authentication with AWS using IBM Identity and Access Management.

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Install-Module -Name IBM.IAM.AWS.SecurityToken -RequiredVersion 1.0.1906.80

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John W Carew


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Set-AwsIbmSamlCredentials Get-AwsIbmSamlRoles


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

NOTE: If you are using AWS PowerShell modules in the same session. Be sure you are using the 'AWSPowerShell.NetCore' v3.3.522.0 module and NOT 'AWSPowerShell'.
* Add full proxy support for SAML client and STS client.
* Moved project to .Net Standard type
* Support for PowerShell & PowerShell Core
* Refactor code to use as much of AWS libraries as possible.
* Add Get-AwsIbmSamlRoles CmdLet - Will just pull the SAML doc and list roles in doc.
* Add custom format view for returned types
* Add StoreAllRoles param switch to Set-AwsIbmSamlCredentials - will store all roles using the role name.
* Use shared AWS credential config location to store profiles
* Add RegionMap parameter to Set-AwsIbmSamlCredentials
* Add TokenDurationInMinutes parameter to Set-AwsIbmSamlCredentials.
* Add UseAssertionDocumentDuration parameter switch to Set-AwsIbmSamlCredentials.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.2002.122 210 2/5/2020
1.0.2002.114 8 2/5/2020
1.0.1911.86 32 11/20/2019
1.0.1906.80 (current version) 69 6/29/2019
1.0.1904-pre... 8 3/7/2019
1.0.1903.13 65 3/5/2019
1.0.1812.7 29 1/10/2019
1.0.1810.12 43 10/8/2018
1.0.1806.7 64 6/13/2018
1.0.1805.59 17 5/24/2018
1.0.1805.41 8 5/21/2018