Generate an invokable delegate from intermediate language (IL) instructions.

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Install-Module -Name ILAssembler

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Patrick Meinecke


(c) 2020 Patrick Meinecke. All rights reserved.

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il cil msil



Functions add nop ldarg.0 ldarg.1 ldarg.2 ldarg.3 ldloc.0 ldloc.1 ldloc.2 ldloc.3 stloc.0 stloc.1 stloc.2 stloc.3 ldarg.s ldarga.s starg.s ldloc.s ldloca.s stloc.s ldnull ldc.i4.m1 ldc.i4.0 ldc.i4.1 ldc.i4.2 ldc.i4.3 ldc.i4.4 ldc.i4.5 ldc.i4.6 ldc.i4.7 ldc.i4.8 ldc.i4.s ldc.i4 ldc.i8 ldc.r4 ldc.r8 dup pop jmp call ret br.s brfalse.s brtrue.s beq.s bge.s bgt.s ble.s blt.s bne.un.s bge.un.s bgt.un.s ble.un.s blt.un.s br brfalse brtrue beq bge bgt ble blt bne.un bge.un bgt.un ble.un blt.un ldind.i1 ldind.u1 ldind.i2 ldind.u2 ldind.i4 calli ldind.u4 ldind.i8 ldind.i ldind.r4 ldind.r8 ldind.ref stind.ref stind.i1 stind.i2 stind.i4 stind.i8 stind.r4 stind.r8 sub mul div div.un rem rem.un and or xor shl shr shr.un neg not conv.i1 conv.i2 conv.i4 conv.i8 conv.r4 conv.r8 conv.u4 conv.u8 callvirt cpobj ldobj ldstr newobj castclass isinst conv.r.un unbox throw ldfld ldflda stfld ldsfld ldsflda stsfld stobj conv.ovf.i1.un conv.ovf.i2.un conv.ovf.i4.un conv.ovf.i8.un conv.ovf.u1.un conv.ovf.u2.un conv.ovf.u4.un conv.ovf.u8.un conv.ovf.i.un conv.ovf.u.un box newarr ldlen ldelema ldelem.i1 ldelem.u1 ldelem.i2 ldelem.u2 ldelem.i4 ldelem.u4 ldelem.i8 ldelem.i ldelem.r4 ldelem.r8 ldelem.ref stelem.i stelem.i1 stelem.i2 stelem.i4 stelem.i8 stelem.r4 stelem.r8 stelem.ref ldelem stelem unbox.any conv.ovf.i1 conv.ovf.u1 conv.ovf.i2 conv.ovf.u2 conv.ovf.i4 conv.ovf.u4 conv.ovf.i8 conv.ovf.u8 refanyval ckfinite mkrefany ldtoken conv.u2 conv.u1 conv.i conv.ovf.i conv.ovf.u add.ovf add.ovf.un mul.ovf mul.ovf.un sub.ovf sub.ovf.un endfinally endfault leave leave.s stind.i conv.u arglist ceq cgt cgt.un clt clt.un ldftn ldvirtftn ldarg ldarga starg ldloc ldloca stloc localloc endfilter unaligned. volatile. tail. initobj constrained. cpblk initblk rethrow sizeof refanytype readonly. switch


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1.0.0 (current version) 206 10/18/2020