Rapidly build VMs in Hyper-V with Intune.HV.Tools.

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Install-Module -Name Intune.HV.Tools

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Install-PSResource -Name Intune.HV.Tools

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(c) 2020 Ben Reader. All rights reserved.

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  • Ben Reader


Intune Azure Automation Hyper-V Virtualization


Add-ImageToConfig Add-NetworkToConfig Add-TenantToConfig Get-HVToolsConfig Initialize-HVTools New-ClientVM


Release Notes

e48226c made ISOPath and RefVHDX as mandatory
fd2ff5e fixed typo on line 37
886ad83 added support to BYO VHDX
eecbcde Feature: Build ref images from add-imagetoconfig
140c9e4 New Build fixes ServerOS issues Adds Index from wim General code cleanup Improved VM naming code Updated required module versions Updated documentation
1b04e98 (tag: 20200527.1) Hkystar35 pr (#9)
308ecff squashing an encoding bug
13fa158 Small bugfixes
d7bcb5d fixing old variable reference
ac8ef25 Improving cmdlet autocomplete
bfb5f8c updating parameter values to be standardized
3ff1360 Updating cmdlet names for better use
b2e7ffa updating cmdlet name for easier use..
9967832 Fixing module dependency for pwsh7 support
962a4e8 Initialize-HVTools parameter Path now required.
9bc1cc8 updating description and release notes
380e2ed Ready for prime time.. (#3)
ea61766 added serial number to notes
105ed3b preparing for first ship
1917fb4 updated required modules
e3490e3 fixed multiple vm naming finally...
8eba508 added support for pwsh 5 and 7
ae122ce added ability to reset the config file
3e2b73d new config function added
99918e2 removing expansion
e8522e2 added support for powershell 5 and 7
6dfed85 added additional argumentcompleter
f0103e4 initial commit


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 3,590 7/21/2020 105 6/30/2020 98 5/27/2020 42 5/20/2020 27 5/18/2020