A module containing tools to assist with the creation of a bootable WinPE USB used to provision devices for enrollment to Intune.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Intune.USB.Creator

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Install-PSResource -Name Intune.USB.Creator

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(c) 2020 Ben Reader. All rights reserved.

Package Details


  • Ben Reader


Intune Azure Automation




Release Notes
 - "diskNum" parameter will now correctly (and silently) pass the selected disk number with no user interaction required.
 - Updated Invoke-Provision to allow driver bootstrapping. Should allow all devices to work seamlessly with the tool. 🍻🍻🍻
 - Forcing version of PowerShell to 7.0.3 to fix reported problems with WinPE & PowerShell 7.1
 - Fixes issues with WinPE extraction. (Thanks to Peter C. for troubleshooting this one)
 - Fixes issues with multiple autopilot policies not downloading properly.
 - ImageIndex & DiskNum variables added to allow non-interactive use of module. (Thanks axgch)
- USB size check implemented - no smaller than 8gb. (Thanks Rob)
 - Autopilot provisioning path now tested (Thanks Rob)
 - Removed daily flag from pwsh7 installer ( Thanks jmaystahl)
 - Adding in warning messages to invoke-provision script.
 - Moved Invoke-Provision out of the WinPE media and now pulling from GitHub.
 - Updated module dependencies to be auto-installed
 - Removed support for Out-ConsoleGridView for less required dependencies
 - Improved windows PowerShell compatibility for modules not natively supported in PowerShell 7.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 20,828 12/14/2021 3,949 2/14/2021 620 11/30/2020 849 8/6/2020 133 7/17/2020 56 7/14/2020 382 6/14/2020 262 5/27/2020 165 5/4/2020 22 5/4/2020
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