PowerShell module for interacting with a CloudBees Jenkins server using the Jenkins Rest API created by IAG NZ Ltd.

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Install-Module -Name Jenkins

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Daniel Scott-Raynsford Liam Binns-Conroy


(c) 2018 IAG NZ Ltd. All rights reserved.



Jenkins CI ContinuousIntegration DevOps


Disable-JenkinsJob Enable-JenkinsJob Get-JenkinsCrumb Get-JenkinsFolderList Get-JenkinsJob Get-JenkinsJobList Get-JenkinsObject Get-JenkinsPluginsList Get-JenkinsViewList Initialize-JenkinsUpdateCache Invoke-JenkinsCommand Invoke-JenkinsJob Invoke-JenkinsJobReload New-JenkinsFolder New-JenkinsJob Remove-JenkinsJob Rename-JenkinsJob Resolve-JenkinsCommandUri Set-JenkinsJob Test-JenkinsFolder Test-JenkinsJob Test-JenkinsView


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Release Notes

## What is New in Jenkins

May 26, 2019

- Corrected documentation badge label in READE.MD - fixes [issue #95](
- Added basic docker support for creation of integration tests.
- Renamed `Jenkins.depends.psd1` to `requirements.psd1` to make more generic.
- Updated PowerShell module dependencies to latest versions and removed
   PSDeploy dependency because it is not used.
- Fixed error calling `Invoke-JenkinsJob` with a parameterized job - fixes [issue #100](
- Added basic integration tests that will run on Linux agents in Travis CI
   or on Windows 10 machines with Docker for Windows installed.

## What is New in Jenkins

November 14, 2018

- Added `Disable-JenkinsJob` and `Enable-JenkinsJob` functions for disabling
   and enabling Jenkins jobs, respectively.
- Split unit tests into individual files and moved to `unit` subfolder.
- Converted `Resolve-JenkinsCommandUri` to be private function.
- Updated markdown documentation.
- Added Travis CI build pipeline for multi-platform builds/testing.

## What is New in Jenkins

August 4, 2018

- Jenkins 2.107.1 returns XML 1.1, which .NET can not parse. `Get-JenkinsJob`
   changes the version in the XML declaration to be "version=1.0" before
   returning it.
- Fixed: `Get-JenkinsObject` fails if using a forward slash "/" as the
   folder seperator.
- Added `Folder` parameter to `Rename-JenkinsJob`. It can now rename jobs
   in folders.
- Clean up markdown in
- Split functions into separate files in the `lib` folder.
- Refactored module structure to improve deployability.
- Moved documentation into docs folder.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 7,922 5/25/2019 7,144 11/14/2018 3,605 8/4/2018 2,467 6/8/2018 2,882 2/27/2018 1,259 11/10/2017 52 10/12/2017 112 7/25/2017 232 12/17/2016