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LXCAPSTool provides cmdlets that you can run in a Microsoft PowerShell session to automate the resource management functions that are available from Lenovo XClarity Administrator.


PS> Save-Module -Name LXCAPSTool -Path <path>


PS> Install-Module -Name LXCAPSTool


See Documentation for more details.

Release Notes

Released v1.1.0 (Mar.23, 2016)

The LXCAPSTool cmdlets use REST APIs that are provided for Lenovo XClarity Administrator to enable you to automate functions such as:
- Logging in to Lenovo XClarity Administrator
- Collecting inventory data to support the management of chassis and servers (endpoints)
- Deploying an operating system image to one or more endpoints
- Configuring endpoints through the use of Configuration Patterns
- Applying firmware update to endpoint
- Managing user accounts
- Monitoring events

The LXCAPSTool supports the following Lenovo XClarity Administrator versions:
- 1.0.0
- 1.0.1
- 1.0.2
- 1.0.3
- 1.1.0

What's new in version 1.1.0:
The following cmdlets were added:
- Get-LXCARackSwitch. Retrieves information about one or more RackSwitch switches.
- Get-LXCAThinkServer. Retrieves information about one or more ThinkServer servers.
- Import-LXCAConfigPattern. Imports configuration-pattern settings into Lenovo XClarity Administrator.
- Invoke-LXCARestMethod. Invokes a Lenovo XClarity Administrator REST API directly.
The following cmdlets were updated:
- Add-LXCAManagedDevice. Added the -ThinkServerUuid parameter to manage ThinkServer servers and the -ForceManage parameter to force management of an endpoint. You can also manage RackSwitch switches by specifying its IP address.
- Add-LXCAUserAccount. The -RoleGroups parameter supported the lxc-fw-admin and lxc-os-admin roles.
- Get-LXCAAuditLog. Added the -EventID parameter to return information about specific audit events and the -StartSequenceNumber and -EndSequenceNumber to return information about a range of audit events.
- Get-LXCAConfigPattern. Added the -IncludeSettings parameter to return additional information about the referenced category patterns.
- Get-LXCAEvent. Added the -StartSequenceNumber and -EndSequenceNumber parameters to return information about a range of events, and the -All parameter to return the event log entries.
- Get-LXCAInformation. This cmdlets also returns information about the PowerShell toolkit.
- Install-LXCAUpdatePackage. Added the -ForceUpdate parameter to apply firmware updates to the specified endpoints even if the firmware is in compliance.
- Invoke-LXCASystemAction. Added the -ThinkServerUuid and -ThinkServerAction parameters to invoke a power action on a specific ThinkServer server, and -RackSwitchUuid and -RackSwitchAction parameters to invoke a power action on a specific RackSwitch switch.
- New-LXCADeployTask. Added the -VlanId parameter to specify the VLAN ID for operating-system VLAN tagging.
- Remove-LXCAManagedDevice. Added the -ThinkServerUuid and -RackSwitchUuid parameters to remove a ThinkServer server from management.
- Set-LXCASystemProperty. Added the -ThinkServerUuid and -RackSwitchUuid parameters to modify the properties for ThinkServer servers and RackSwitch switches.
- Start-LXCAEventMonitor. Added support to reconnect to Lenovo XClarity Administrator when the network is not available or the management server is rebooted, and to continue monitoring events.

Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a centralized, resource-management solution that is aimed at reducing complexity, speeding response, and enhancing the availability of Lenovo server systems and solutions. It runs as a virtual appliance that you can use to manage Flex System chassis and System x rack servers in a secure environment.

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