Builds Hyper-V Windows multi-machine/Active Directory labs using XML configuration files and DSC Resources.

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There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Install-Module -Name LabBuilder -RequiredVersion 1.2.0

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Daniel Scott-Raynsford


(c) Daniel Scott-Raynsford. All rights reserved.

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Hyper-V Lab DesiredStateConfiguration DSC


Connect-LabVm Disconnect-LabVm Get-Lab Get-LabResourceIso Get-LabResourceModule Get-LabResourceMsu Get-LabSwitch Get-LabVm Get-LabVMTemplate Get-LabVmTemplateVhd Initialize-LabResourceIso Initialize-LabResourceModule Initialize-LabResourceMsu Initialize-LabSwitch Initialize-LabVm Initialize-LabVmTemplate Initialize-LabVmTemplateVhd Install-Lab Install-LabVm New-Lab Remove-LabSwitch Remove-LabVm Remove-LabVMTemplate Remove-LabVmTemplateVhd Start-Lab Stop-Lab Uninstall-Lab Update-Lab




This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## [1.2.0] - 2020-11-14

### Fixed

- Fix build problems preventing help from being compiled and added
 to the module.

### Changed

- Update sample labs for Windows Server 2019 to use latest
 evaluation ISO download URIs and edition names.
- Removed sample `samples\Sample_WS2019_NanoDomain.xml` because it
 is not valid for Windows Server 2019.
- Improve structure of `Invoke-LabSample.ps1` function to remove need
 for `$script` scope variables.
- Fixed sample `samples\Sample_WS2019_AzureADConnect.xml` default gateway
 for SA-AADC VM.
- `dsclibrary\MEMBER_AADC.DSC.ps1`: Created DSC config for deploying an
 Azure AD Connect server.
- `dsclibrary\MEMBER_WAC.DSC.ps1`: Created DSC config for deploying a
 Windows Administration Center server.

### Fixes

- Fixed GitVersion to prevent build failures


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.2.1-previe... 67 11/14/2020
1.2.0 (current version) 768 11/14/2020
1.2.0-previe... 42 11/14/2020
1.2.0-previe... 45 9/14/2020
1.2.0-previe... 43 9/13/2020
1.1.1-previe... 42 9/13/2020
1.1.1-previe... 42 9/13/2020
1.1.0 147 8/30/2020
1.1.0-previe... 43 8/30/2020
1.1.0-previe... 55 4/22/2020
1.1.0-previe... 50 4/22/2020 416 11/10/2019 128 9/28/2019 170 7/22/2019 167 5/4/2019 81 4/13/2019 271 12/8/2018 371 5/22/2018 787 7/17/2017 52 7/16/2017 119 6/29/2017 175 5/20/2017 564 11/26/2016
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