Provides functions to simplify the management of License Assignment, Swapping, Updating, and Reporting in Office 365.

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Install-Module -Name MSOLLicenseManagement

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O365 MSOL License Management SKU Plan AzueAD Bulk


Get-MSOLUserLicenseReport Convert-MSOLUserLicenseToExplicit Add-MSOLUserLicense Remove-MSOLUserLicense Set-MSOLUserLicensePlan Update-MSOLUserLicensePlan Switch-MSOLUserLicense


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

2.0.3 - Fixed error checkingin Update-MsolUserLicensePlan
       2.0.2 - Update-MSOLUserLicensePlan provide better infromation when failing
       2.0.2 - Update-MSOLUserLicensePlan will better handle trying to update a user if the SKU is not found
       2.0.1 - Added logging of cmdlet invocation to log file
       2.0.1 - Added Logging of module version to log file
       2.0.1 - fixed a missed case in Update-MSOLUserLicensePlan where it would try to update a user who did not have the SKU assigned
       2.0.1 - Updated cmdlet help
       Major Rework of the cmdlets!
       * Cmdlets should no longer STOP by default when they encounter an error
       * To Revert back to this behavior set the ErrorActionPreference to stop in the shell using $ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
       * I have done all of the testing I could but there might be some issues still, please report them so they can get fixed

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.3 (current version) 210 6/13/2019
2.0.2 28 6/11/2019
2.0.1 75 5/23/2019
2.0.0 80 4/24/2019
1.0.14 368 10/23/2018
1.0.13 7 10/23/2018
1.0.12 103 8/29/2018
1.0.11 110 6/25/2018
1.0.10 10 6/22/2018
1.0.8 53 6/1/2018
1.0.7 123 4/24/2018
1.0.6 18 4/20/2018