Diagnostic Data Viewer commandlets allowing access to the Windows Diagnostic Data.

Minimum required operating system version is 1803 or higher.

Minimum PowerShell version


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Install-Module -Name Microsoft.DiagnosticDataViewer

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Microsoft Corporation


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Get-DiagnosticData Get-DiagnosticDataCategories Get-DiagnosticDataSources Get-DiagnosticDataOtherFilters Get-DiagnosticDataViewingSetting Enable-DiagnosticDataViewing Disable-DiagnosticDataViewing Get-DiagnosticStoreCapacity Set-DiagnosticStoreCapacity


Desktop Core


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

* Added feature to fetch diagnostic data sources and other filters.  Requires Vibranium OS.
* Added feature to fetch diagnostic data records with source and other filters.  Requires Vibranium OS.

* Added feature to Set-DiagnosticStoreCapacity to allow reclaiming used disk space on Size reduction.  Requires 19H1+ OS.
* Updated project site URL.


* Initial release.


Version History

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