PowerShell interface for Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Administrative features

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Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell -RequiredVersion 2.0.67

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Microsoft Common Data Service Team


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New-AdminPowerAppCdsDatabase Get-AdminPowerAppCdsDatabaseLanguages Get-AdminPowerAppCdsDatabaseCurrencies Get-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentLocations Get-AdminPowerAppCdsDatabaseTemplates New-AdminPowerAppEnvironment Set-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentDisplayName Set-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentRuntimeState Get-AdminPowerAppEnvironment Get-AdminPowerAppSoftDeletedEnvironment Get-AdminPowerAppOperationStatus Remove-AdminPowerAppEnvironment Recover-AdminPowerAppEnvironment Reset-PowerAppEnvironment Get-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentRoleAssignment Set-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentRoleAssignment Remove-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentRoleAssignment Get-AdminPowerApp Remove-AdminPowerApp Get-AdminPowerAppRoleAssignment Remove-AdminPowerAppRoleAssignment Set-AdminPowerAppRoleAssignment Set-AdminPowerAppOwner Get-AdminFlow Enable-AdminFlow Disable-AdminFlow Remove-AdminFlow Remove-AdminFlowApprovals Set-AdminFlowOwnerRole Remove-AdminFlowOwnerRole Get-AdminFlowOwnerRole Get-AdminPowerAppConnector Get-AdminPowerAppConnectorRoleAssignment Set-AdminPowerAppConnectorRoleAssignment Remove-AdminPowerAppConnectorRoleAssignment Remove-AdminPowerAppConnector Get-AdminPowerAppConnection Remove-AdminPowerAppConnection Get-AdminPowerAppConnectionRoleAssignment Set-AdminPowerAppConnectionRoleAssignment Remove-AdminPowerAppConnectionRoleAssignment Get-AdminPowerAppsUserDetails Get-AdminFlowUserDetails Remove-AdminFlowUserDetails Set-AdminPowerAppAsFeatured Clear-AdminPowerAppAsFeatured Set-AdminPowerAppAsHero Clear-AdminPowerAppAsHero Set-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent Clear-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent Get-AdminDlpPolicy New-AdminDlpPolicy Remove-AdminDlpPolicy Set-AdminDlpPolicy Add-ConnectorToBusinessDataGroup Remove-ConnectorFromBusinessDataGroup Get-AdminPowerAppConnectionReferences Add-CustomConnectorToPolicy Remove-CustomConnectorFromPolicy Remove-LegacyCDSDatabase Get-AdminDeletedPowerAppsList Get-AdminRecoverDeletedPowerApp Select-CurrentEnvironment Add-PowerAppsAccount Remove-PowerAppsAccount Test-PowerAppsAccount Get-TenantDetailsFromGraph Get-UsersOrGroupsFromGraph Get-JwtToken ReplaceMacro Set-TenantSettings Get-TenantSettings InvokeApi InvokeApiNoParseContent Add-AdminPowerAppsSyncUser Remove-AllowedConsentPlans Add-AllowedConsentPlans Get-AllowedConsentPlans Get-AdminPowerAppCdsAdditionalNotificationEmails Set-AdminPowerAppCdsAdditionalNotificationEmails Get-AdminPowerAppLicenses Get-DlpPolicy New-DlpPolicy Remove-DlpPolicy Set-DlpPolicy Copy-PowerAppEnvironment Backup-PowerAppEnvironment Get-PowerAppEnvironmentBackups Restore-PowerAppEnvironment Remove-PowerAppEnvironmentBackup


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Current Release:
Add Set-AdminPowerAppEnvironmentRuntimeState API

   Add SubscriptionBasedTrial SKU support.

   Add Get-AdminPowerAppOperationStatus API for async scenario support.

   Added new APIs:

   Added DoD support. Fix bug PowerShell Cmdlet "Set-AdminPowerAppRoleAssignment" is broken when setting the tenant sharing.

   BREAKING CHANGE: Changed return value to environment object when New-AdminPowerAppEnvironment CDS provision completed.
   Fixed empty return error bug (error code and error message will be returned when API fails).

   Add TimeoutInMinutes parameter in New-AdminPowerAppEnvironment to make timeout configurable.
   BREAKING CHANGE: The default timeout is changed to a week (waiting for server timeout).
   Fixed "Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Route' because it is an empty string" exception for New-AdminPowerAppEnvironment.

   Fixed removing connector from policy that had been added with an invalid connector ID.

   Fixed pagination problem for Get-DlpPolicy, Get-AdminFlow, and Get-AdminPowerApp.

   Fixed duplicate key error for ConvertFrom-Json with case-invariant comparison.
   Added early Public Preview release of DLP (Data Loss Prevention) v2 PowerShell cmdlets

   Introduced new cmdlets for admins to list and recover deleted Power Apps

   Fixed missing Example sections for some incorrectly formatted cmdlet headers

   Added a cmdlet to download a manifest of all user's Power Apps licenses for a tenant

   Fixed cmdlet deadlock issue when long-running operations reached a timeout condition

   Fixed set of codes to wait for when long-running operations were checking for status
   Fixed an incorrect error message when creating a CDS database environment failed
   Fixed defective ability to associate new DLP policies with specific environments

   Fixed bug when deserializing "Common Data Service for Apps" environment information
   Introduced new cmdlets for admins to get and set additional notification emails

   Added logic to skip filtered flows that could not be deserialized instead of failing
   Fixed bug that prevented paging from working properly when getting all flows as admin

   Enabled creation of new environments as type Sandbox [addition to Trial and Production]

   Introduced new cmdlets for admins to list and recover soft-deleted environments

   Revamp cmdlets to block and allow consent plans in response to breaking service change

   Fixed a handful of bugs related to parameters to create new CDS database environments

   Introduced new cmdlet to get all CDS database templates so all inputs are retrievable

   Introduced new cmdlet to sync licensed and authorized AAD tenant user into environment
   Fixed bugs in limited Private Preview cmdlets for DLP v1 connector Blocking [obsolete]
   Added limited Private Preview cmdlets for DLP v1 connector Blocking [obsolete]

   Introduced new cmdlets to block and allow consent plans in tenant

   Added support for the Verbose flag to extend to internal calls

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.75 291 8/4/2020
2.0.72 95,332 7/15/2020
2.0.70 45,142 7/14/2020
2.0.67 (current version) 961 7/8/2020
2.0.66 34,845 6/10/2020
2.0.65 1,148 6/4/2020
2.0.64 272,327 5/27/2020
2.0.63 1,468 5/19/2020
2.0.61 83,288 5/6/2020
2.0.60 384 5/5/2020
2.0.59 2,597 4/21/2020
2.0.57 156,838 4/14/2020
2.0.56 170,282 4/1/2020
2.0.53 287 3/31/2020
2.0.52 281 3/27/2020
2.0.45 2,185 3/11/2020
2.0.44 597 3/6/2020
2.0.42 11,962 2/20/2020
2.0.40 336 2/18/2020
2.0.37 4,089 1/22/2020
2.0.34 645 1/15/2020
2.0.33 732 1/8/2020
2.0.31 586 12/22/2019
2.0.27 1,428 12/3/2019
2.0.26 18,524 11/25/2019
2.0.24 200 11/21/2019
2.0.21 2,955 10/17/2019
2.0.19 1,096 10/2/2019
2.0.15 555 9/23/2019
2.0.13 1,416 9/3/2019
2.0.12 21 9/3/2019
2.0.6 2,230 7/22/2019
2.0.4 2,245 6/1/2019
2.0.3 429 5/23/2019
2.0.2 629 5/7/2019
2.0.1 4,023 1/4/2019