PowerShell interface for Microsoft Common Data Services Administration System

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Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Xrm.OnlineManagementAPI

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Install-PSResource -Name Microsoft.Xrm.OnlineManagementAPI

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Package Details


  • Microsoft Common Data Service Team


Backup-CrmInstance Disable-CrmAdminMode Disable-CrmManagementApp Enable-CrmAdminMode Enable-CrmManagementApp Get-CrmCurrencies Get-CrmGenerateProtectionKey Get-CrmRetrieveTenantProtectionKey Get-CrmRetrieveAvailableTenantProtectionKeys Get-CrmInstance Get-CrmInstanceBackups Get-CrmInstances Get-CrmProtectedInstances Get-CrmInstanceType Get-CrmInstanceTypes Get-CrmLanguages Get-CrmManagementApp Get-CrmManagementApps Get-CrmOperationStatus Get-CrmServiceVersions Get-CrmTemplates New-CrmAdminModeSetting New-CrmInstance New-CrmInstanceInfo New-CrmManagementApp New-CrmInstanceCopyRequestInfo Remove-CrmInstance Remove-CrmManagementApp Restore-CrmInstance New-CrmImportProtectionKey Set-CrmLockTenantProtectedInstances Set-CrmUnlockTenantProtectedInstance Set-CrmProtectWithMicrosoftKey Set-CrmProtectWithTenantKey Set-CrmTenantProtectionKey New-CrmInstanceResetRequestInfo Reset-CrmInstance Copy-CrmInstance Add-CrmFlightAudience Get-CrmFlights Remove-CrmFlightAudience


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Current Release:
Redirect AdminAPI PowerShell calls to Business Application Platform
   Added support for Teams Instance Type
Refactored backup and restore for V9.1.
Simplified the use of backup and restored to not require additional cmdlets.
Removed Inactive Get-InstanceBackup command.

Added Customer Managed Key (CMK) cmdlets
Only for customers that have opted in for the v9x feature
For instances of version 9 or higher
Allows admins to use automated scripts to maintain their keys including routinely rotate their keys to meet their compliance policies
Added Sandbox Instance Reset cmdlet
For instances of version 9 or higher
Allows customers to reset their sandbox instances using this cmdlet
Added Application Flighting Cmdlets
Allows customer to opt-in/opt-out an organization to preview application by adding/removing the organization to the audience of a public flight for the application.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 60,024 1/6/2021 7,429 11/4/2020 557 10/26/2020 558 10/9/2020 108 10/5/2020 342,362 2/12/2020 87,741 9/27/2019 5,945 6/17/2019 40,297 5/31/2019 1,585 4/10/2019 2,259 3/24/2019
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