PowerShell wrapper for CDS CrmServiceClient

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Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.CrmConnector.PowerShell -RequiredVersion

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Microsoft Common Data Service Team


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Get-CrmConnection Get-CrmOrganizations


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Release Notes

Current Release:
Fixed a bug with how errors are handled when they are raised from ADAL 3.19+.  MFA Force Login will now work properly again.
   Updated default response sizes to support more verbose error messages from CDS
ADAL 3.19+ is now required for this library.  ADAL 2.x clients will need to be updated to use ADAL 3.x+
Added Support for Current User ID login when using Online flows with oAuth (Login control/connection string support )
Added Support for ClientID Secret Auth when using oAuth flows. (connection string support )
Added support for France and New US Geos
Added new behavior to return the full login error when initial connect fails in LastException.
Fixed https activation issue introduced by .net 4.8. - This should no longer require http activation to be enabled on windows.
Fixed issue where a long running cloned connection loses its access token. - (Nuget-
Added native support for handing throttling messages from server.
Fixed issue where a cloned connections token could time out in a way that was not detected.
When failing, this would result in a mid operation Authentication failure reporting something like "Anonymous Access Failed"
Added Support for China Geo
Minor changes to logging of Import Solution Activities


NOTE: Notes Below are synced to Nuget Release Found here:
Fixed bug in CrmServiceClient which would cause some OnPrem connections to fail with an error "Item already added to List"
Minor Perf Improvements
Updated to include Fixed version of CrmServiceClient and login control for new US Geo ( US Gov High )
Picked up updated CrmServiceClient (Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector)
Picked up updated CrmServiceClient (Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector)
Picked up updated CrmServiceClient (Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector)
Fixed a bug with using ExecuteCrmWebRequest where SkipDiscovery was also used that would cause the command to fail with a malformed URI error.
Fix to support SSO login, issue manifested as unable to execute a SSO login on second attempt.
Fix to make local metadata cache instance aware,
Issue manifested in a single client process where more then one connection was made to different CDS instances and the metadata helpers were used.  The Metadata would not be instance specific.

Streamlined .Clone support by removing unneeded WhoAmI validation call.
Added new .Clone override to allow a developer to pass an assembly reference to the .Clone method to use when establishing strong types for that connection.
Added additional error log details when a fault is detected
Added support for retrying SDK request if the server throws a retriable errors.
ImportSolutionToCrmAsync –
Returns an AsyncOperation ID that must be polled for solution Import completion or failure.
Note, Async jobs are subject to Async queuing and overhead, thus use this with caution.
DeleteAndPromoteSolutionAsync –
Returns an AsyncOperation ID that must be polled for completion
Note: DeleteAndPromote Async support is not generally available to all regions and versions of the platform.  If this is not available the async job with fail immediately.
Note: Async jobs are subject to Async queuing and overhead, thus use this with caution.
Added new dependencies: version
Added Support for Caller ID using AAD Object ID of caller -
Added new property on CrmServiceClient: CallerAADObjectId
Supported for 8.1 and later.
Added New Method ExecuteCrmWebRequest
This method supports using the XRM WebAPI directly from the CRMServiceClient.
Supports only oAuth and Certificate Auth connection types
Supported for 8.0 and later.
Supports Common request types and supports batch execute.
Added Global Discovery Support for Instance lookup
Global discovery is now used for all lookup, both regional and global (Online Region = Dont Know) when OAuth is used, except where special region rules are required.
Note: Germany and North America 2 are not scanned when Online Region = Dont Know is selected.
Added SkipDiscovery to all connection string variants.
Added Certificate support for constructor variants.
Fixed issue with allowing discovery selection using onPrem and OAuth.
Fixed an issue with older On-Prem ADFS instances that do not require a resource URI.

**Special notes:
Added additional telemetry support to connection requests
This will add the process name of the calling process (if available) to help with troubleshooting and support requests.
Added request IDs to all requests to help with troubleshooting and support requests.
These will appear only when verbose logging is enabled.
       9.0 Initial Release
Initial release.
To register module, run the RegisterXrmTooling.ps1

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated 109,621 11/18/2020 91,563 8/13/2020 18,242 7/15/2020 16,506 7/1/2020 8,594 6/12/2020 5,925 6/2/2020 22,607 4/20/2020 48 4/20/2020 21,925 3/25/2020 337,434 2/11/2020 641 2/7/2020 10,254 12/18/2019 2,591 12/5/2019 (current version) 8,214 10/26/2019 127,578 9/12/2019 1,701 7/17/2019 67,945 2/27/2019
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