NetCmdlets 2016 - PowerShell Cmdlets for Internet Communications, Messaging & Network Management.

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Install-Module -Name NetCmdlets -RequiredVersion 16.0.6253.0

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Add-IMAP Add-LDAP Add-S3 Add-VPN Add-Zip Compress-SevenZip Compress-Zip Connect-VPN Connect-IMAP Disconnect-IMAP Connect-LDAP Disconnect-LDAP Connect-FTP Disconnect-FTP Connect-NNTP Disconnect-NNTP Connect-POP Disconnect-POP Connect-SCP Disconnect-SCP Connect-SFTP Disconnect-SFTP Connect-SMIMEIMAP Disconnect-SMIMEIMAP Connect-SMIMEPOP Disconnect-SMIMEPOP Connect-PowerShellServer Disconnect-PowerShellServer Connect-SSH Disconnect-SSH Connect-Telnet Disconnect-Telnet Connect-Email Disconnect-Email Connect-IM Disconnect-IM Connect-SMIMEEmail Disconnect-SMIMEEmail Connect-SMS Disconnect-SMS Connect-TCP Disconnect-TCP Convert-Data Copy-IMAP Copy-WebDAV Disconnect-VPN Expand-Zip Export-Certificate Get-Certificate Get-DNS Get-FTP Get-HTTP Get-IMAP Get-LDAP Get-License Get-MX Get-NNTP Get-Packet Get-POP Get-PowerShellServerFile Get-RAS Get-RSS Get-S3 Get-SCP Get-SFTP Get-SMIMEIMAP Get-SMIMEPOP Get-SNMP Get-Syslog Get-TFTP Get-Time Get-Trace Get-Trap Get-UDP Get-WebDAV Get-Whois Import-Certificate Invoke-PowerShellServer Invoke-Rexec Invoke-Rshell Invoke-SSH Invoke-Telnet Lock-WebDAV Move-IMAP Move-WebDAV New-Certificate Protect-Data Remove-Certificate Remove-FTP Remove-IMAP Remove-LDAP Remove-POP Remove-S3 Remove-SFTP Remove-VPN Remove-WebDAV Rename-FTP Rename-IMAP Rename-LDAP Rename-SFTP Search-IMAP Send-Email Send-FTP Send-IM Send-NNTP Send-Page Send-Ping Send-PowerShellServerFile Send-SCP Send-SFTP Send-SMIMEEmail Send-SMS Send-Syslog Send-TCP Send-TFTP Send-Trap Send-UDP Send-WebDAV Set-IMAP Set-LDAP Set-RAS Set-SNMP Set-WebDAV Unlock-WebDAV Unprotect-Data


This module has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
16.0.6592.0 2,113 2/15/2018
16.0.6446.0 594 9/1/2017
16.0.6255.0 641 2/15/2017
16.0.6253.0 (current version) 157 2/13/2017