PowerShell module for interacting with Citrix NetScaler via the Nitro API

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Install-Module -Name NetScaler -RequiredVersion 1.2.0

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Brandon Olin


(c) 2015 Brandon Olin. All rights reserved.



Citrix NetScaler LoadBalancer


Add-NSCertKeyPair Add-NSDnsNameServer Add-NSIPResource Add-NSLBVirtualServerBinding Add-NSRSAKey Add-NSServerCertificate Clear-NSConfig Connect-NetScaler Disable-NSFeature Disable-NSLBMonitor Disable-NSLBServer Disable-NSLBVirtualServer Disable-NSMode Disconnect-NetScaler Enable-NSFeature Enable-NSLBMonitor Enable-NSLBServer Enable-NSLBVirtualServer Enable-NSMode Get-NSAvailableTimeZone Get-NSConfig Get-NSFeature Get-NSHostname Get-NSLBMonitor Get-NSLBServer Get-NSLBServiceGroup Get-NSLBServiceGroupMemberBinding Get-NSLBStat Get-NSLBVirtualServer Get-NSLBVirtualServerBinding Get-NSResponderAction Get-NSMode Install-NSLicense Invoke-Nitro New-NSLBMonitor New-NSLBServer New-NSLBServiceGroup New-NSLBServiceGroupMember New-NSLBVirtualServer New-NSResponderAction Remove-NSLBMonitor Remove-NSLBServer Remove-NSLBServiceGroup Remove-NSLBVirtualServer Remove-NSLBVirtualServerBinding Remove-NSResponderAction Restart-NetScaler Save-NSConfig Set-NSHostname Set-NSLBServer Set-NSLBServiceGroup Set-NSLBVirtualServer Set-NSResponderAction Set-NSTimeZone


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

- Added Invoke-Nitro to wrap direct calls to _InvokeNSRestApi
- Added Get-NSConfig to retrieve NetScaler configuration (running or saved)
- Added Get/New/Set/Remove-NSResponderAction
- Modified Get-NSLBMonitor, Get-NSLBServer, Get-NSLBServiceGroup to only return
 resources if there are resources to return.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.7.0 3,116 7/2/2018
1.6.0 1,109 11/1/2017
1.5.0 470 7/26/2017
1.4.0 950 11/8/2016
1.3.0 589 9/10/2016
1.2.0 (current version) 700 4/21/2016
1.1.2 102 1/15/2016
1.1.1 11 12/31/2015
1.0 40 11/16/2015
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