Module for accessing the Okta API

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Install-Module -Name OktaPosh

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Jim Wallace


(c) 2020 Jim Wallace. All rights reserved.



Okta OAuhuth Windows Linux MacOS


Get-OktaApplication New-OktaServerApplication New-OktaSpaApplication Set-OktaApplicationProperty Remove-OktaApplication Disable-OktaApplication Enable-OktaApplication Set-OktaApplication Add-OktaApplicationGroup Add-OktaApplicationUser Remove-OktaApplicationUser Get-OktaApplicationGroup Get-OktaApplicationUser Remove-OktaApplicationGroup Get-OktaApplicationSchema Set-OktaApplicationSchemaProperty Remove-OktaApplicationSchemaProperty Get-OktaClaim New-OktaClaim Remove-OktaClaim Set-OktaClaim Get-OktaPolicy New-OktaPolicy Remove-OktaPolicy Set-OktaPolicy Get-OktaRule New-OktaRule Remove-OktaRule Set-OktaRule Get-OktaScope New-OktaScope Remove-OktaScope Set-OktaScope Get-OktaAuthorizationServer Get-OktaOpenIdConfig New-OktaAuthorizationServer Set-OktaAuthorizationServer Disable-OktaAuthorizationServer Enable-OktaAuthorizationServer Remove-OktaAuthorizationServer Export-OktaAuthorizationServer Get-OktaJwt Get-OktaAppJwt Get-OktaGroup New-OktaGroup Set-OktaGroup Remove-OktaGroup Get-OktaGroupApp Get-OktaGroupUser Add-OktaGroupUser Remove-OktaGroupUser Get-OktaIdentityProvider Get-OktaRateLimit Invoke-OktaApi Test-OktaNext Get-OktaNextUrl Set-OktaOption Get-OktaApiToken Get-OktaBaseUri Show-Okta Get-OktaTrustedOrigin New-OktaTrustedOrigin Set-OktaTrustedOrigin Remove-OktaTrustedOrigin addUser New-OktaAuthProviderUser New-OktaUser Disable-OktaUser Enable-OktaUser Suspend-OktaUser Resume-OktaUser Get-OktaUser Get-OktaUserApplication Get-OktaUserGroup Remove-OktaUser Set-OktaUser


Desktop Core


This module has no dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.6 (current version) 116 3/31/2021
0.2.5 10 3/28/2021
0.2.4 30 3/20/2021
0.2.3 100 2/18/2021
0.2.2 61 12/19/2020
0.2.1 11 12/10/2020
0.2.0 10 11/23/2020
0.2.0-alpha1 4 11/23/2020
0.1.47 11 11/8/2020
0.1.44 4 11/6/2020
0.1.43 3 11/6/2020
0.0.39 9 11/3/2020
0.0.33 4 10/31/2020
0.0.20 4 10/22/2020
0.0.17 17 9/9/2020