Module for Azure management used for Omnia.

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Install-Module -Name Om.Azure.Management

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ConvertFrom-OmResourceID ConvertTo-OmResourceID Get-OmAADObject Get-OmAADMGraphGroup Get-OmAADMGraphServicePrincipal Expand-OmAADGroup Get-OmParentManagementGroup Get-OmParentResourceID Get-OmSubscriptionsFromMG Get-OmRoleDefinitions Get-OmMgDecendants Get-OmMgSubscriptionDecendants Get-OmMgManagementGroupDecendants Get-OmAzureRMAuthHeader Get-OmAzureMGraphAuthHeader Get-OmPrivilegedAzureResource Get-OmPrivilegedAzureResourcesRoleDefinitions Get-OmPrivilegedAzureResourcesroleAssignments Search-OmResourceGraph Get-OmSharedKey Post-OmLogAnalyticsData Get-OmJobOutput Get-OmPrivilegedEligibleRoleAssignments Get-OmPrivilegedEligibleRoleAssignmentInstances New-OmPrivilegedEligibleRoleAssignment Get-OmPrivilegedRoleAssignments Get-OmPrivilegedRoleAssignmentInstances Get-OmRoleAssignments


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

# 0.0.1

Initial publish to PSGallery

# 0.0.2

Added onlyEnabled swith to Get-OmMgSubscriptionDecendants (only retrieve subscriptions with status "Enabled")

# 0.0.3

Adding Get-OmAADMGraphGroup (retrieve AD objects from Microsoft Graph)

# 0.0.4

Added functions for Privileged identity management
Added functionality to Get-OmAzureMGraphAuthHeader
Added Search-OmResourceGraph

# 0.0.5

Added Get-OmSharedKey
Added Post-OmLogAnalyticsData

# 0.0.6

Search-OmResourceGraph - Fixing speed issue

# 0.0.8

Added get-OmjobOutput

# 0.0.9

Adding functions for Privileged role assignments
Renaming functions for Privileged role assignments (breaking change)

# 0.1.0

Adding Get-OmAADMGraphServicePrincipal

# 0.1.1

Using [System.Console]::WriteLine instead of write-host due to breaking change in powershell 7.2 for colored output.
Using Get-AzAccessToken istead of authenticationFactory in Get-OmAzureMGraphAuthHeader

# 0.2.0

Changing Get-OmAzureMGraphAuthHeader to use get-AzAccessToken

# 0.2.1

Adding Get-OmRoleAssignments

# 0.2.2

Support sleep between jobs param

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.2.3 (current version) 347 10/18/2022
0.2.1 3,323 1/19/2022
0.2.0 1,448 12/13/2021
0.1.0 430 12/2/2021
0.0.9 57 11/26/2021
0.0.8 160 11/19/2021
0.0.7 32 11/19/2021
0.0.6 1,724 11/19/2021
0.0.4 1,969 11/17/2021