PowerShell module containing functions to make HTTP requests including OAuth 1.0 authentication.

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Install-Module -Name PSAuth

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Daniel Scott-Raynsford


(c) Daniel Scott-Raynsford. All rights reserved.



OAuth Authorization


Get-PSAuthorizationString Invoke-PSAuthRestMethod


Core Desktop


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## What is New in PSAuth

August 27, 2019

- Updated Azure Pipelines CI to use multi-stage pipeline to include publish step.
- Fix error in `Get-PSAuthorizationString` when URI contains Query String
   parameters - fixes [Issue #14](
- Added `OutFile` parameter to `Invoke-PSAuthRestMethod`.

## What is New in PSAuth

August 09, 2019

- Change `psakefile.ps1` to detect Azure Pipelines correctly.
- Added PowerShell Gallery badge to ``.
- Update URL Encoding to use URL encoding method that is RFC 3986 compliant - fixes
 [Issue #7](
- Change `Get-PSAuthorizationString` to URL encode signature values using RFC 3968.

## What is New in PSAuth

August 06, 2019

- Fix bug in function `Invoke-PSAuthRestMethod` when passing `Headers` - fixes
   [Issue #4](

## What is New in PSAuth

May 24, 2019

- Initial Version.

Version History

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