Module focused on interacting with and managing the MEMCM Client

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(c) 2020 Cody Mathis. All rights reserved.

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  • Cody Mathis


SCCM MEMCM MECM CIM ConfigMgr PowerShell SystemCenter


ConvertFrom-CCMLogFile ConvertFrom-CCMSchedule ConvertTo-CCMLogFile Get-CCMApplication Get-CCMBaseline Get-CCMCacheContent Get-CCMCacheInfo Get-CCMCimInstance Get-CCMClientDirectory Get-CCMClientInfo Get-CCMClientVersion Get-CCMCurrentManagementPoint Get-CCMCurrentSoftwareUpdatePoint Get-CCMCurrentWindowAvailableTime Get-CCMDNSSuffix Get-CCMExecStartupTime Get-CCMGUID Get-CCMLastHardwareInventory Get-CCMLastHeartbeat Get-CCMLastScheduleTrigger Get-CCMLastSoftwareInventory Get-CCMLoggingConfiguration Get-CCMMaintenanceWindow Get-CCMPackage Get-CCMPrimaryUser Get-CCMProvisioningMode Get-CCMRegistryProperty Get-CCMServiceWindow Get-CCMSite Get-CCMSoftwareUpdate Get-CCMSoftwareUpdateGroup Get-CCMSoftwareUpdateSettings Get-CCMTaskSequence Invoke-CCMApplication Invoke-CCMBaseline Invoke-CCMClientAction Invoke-CCMCommand Invoke-CCMPackage Invoke-CCMResetPolicy Invoke-CCMSoftwareUpdate Invoke-CCMTaskSequence Invoke-CCMTriggerSchedule Invoke-CIMPowerShell New-LoopAction Remove-CCMCacheContent Repair-CCMCacheLocation Set-CCMCacheLocation Set-CCMCacheSize Set-CCMClientAlwaysOnInternet Set-CCMDNSSuffix Set-CCMLoggingConfiguration Set-CCMManagementPoint Set-CCMProvisioningMode Set-CCMRegistryProperty Set-CCMSite Test-CCMIsClientAlwaysOnInternet Test-CCMIsClientOnInternet Test-CCMIsWindowAvailableNow Test-CCMStaleLog Write-CCMLogEntry


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

* Get-CCMSoftwareUpdate function now accounts for new AV Def names for the 'IncludeDefs' switch parameter
* Write-CCMLogEntry now also accepts the string names of the severity levels
* Improve the region documentation in Get-CCMLogFile
* Get-CCMLogFile now outputs a object of custom class CMLogEntry which has a 'ConvertToCMLogLine' method
* Improve splitting performance in Get-CCMLogFile
* Add timestamp filtering to Get-CCMLogFile
* Fix function reference in Get-CCMClientInfo
* Remove Reset-CCMLoggingConfiguration function
* Changing Set-CCMLoggingConfiguration to set registry values due to inconsistencies with the cim method in new CCM client versions
* Rename some private functions to reduce the chance of false positive AV detection
* Get-CCMConnection now selects the 0 index CimSession, or PSSession found
           This addresses Issue #48
* Move the help to external help, and have markdown version available on repo. Built using PlaytPS
* Fixed a bug where Remove-CCMCacheContent -Clear would throw a null reference exception
* Doesn't change functionality but, changed to using ModuleBuilder to build the module
* Add RefreshDefaultMP to Invoke-CCMClientAction function. This is useful when you want to force a check
           on a client to switch between CMG and intranet resources.
* Improve the region documentation in Get-CCMLogFile
* Fix function reference in Get-CCMClientInfo
* Improve splitting in Get-CCMLogFile
* All commands that run remotely now support PSSession, as well as CimSession
* Add Get-CCMConnection to module in private folder
           This function is used internally to return connection info, whether it is a CimSession, PSSession, or just computername
* Convert all functions to using Get-CCMConnection to determine best / preferred connection
* Add Invoke-CCMCommand to module
           This function is used in place of Invoke-CIMPowerShell, as a means to execute remote commands inside of functions.
           Supports ArgumentList parameter which simplifies many functions internally
* Add Set-CCMClientAlwaysOnInternet to module
* Add Get-CCMCimInstance to module
* Change 'Get-CIMRegistryProperty' to 'Get-CCMRegistryProperty' - alias is in place
           Command now accepts a CimSession, or a PSsession
* Change 'Set-CIMRegistryProperty' to 'Set-CCMRegistryProperty' - alias is in place
           Command now accepts a CimSession, or a PSsession
* Get-CCMLogFile now has a -Severity parameter which will filter what 'type' of messages are returned
* Fix ConvertFrom-CCMSchedule function export name... again
* ConvertFrom-CCMSchedule now outputs datetime object with proper 'Kind'
* Add Get-CCMCurrentWindowAvailableTime to module
* Add Get-CCMExecStartupTime to module
* Fix Set-CCMSite - working as expected now. It was passing an empty sitecode to remote machines
* Add Test-CCMIsWindowAvailableNow to module
* Add Get-CCMSoftwareUpdateSettings to module
* Fix ConvertFrom-CCMSchedule function export name
* Add Test-CCMIsClientOnInternet to module
* Add Test-CCMIsClientAlwaysOnInternet to module
* Improve ConvertFrom-CCMSchedule parsing of SMS_ST_NonRecurring
* Fix LastComplianceStatus mapping for *-CCMBaseline
* Add -Filter parameter to Get-CCMLogFile function
* Fix WhatIf support for Set-CIMRegistryProperty
* Add WhatIf support to Set-CCMLoggingConfiguration
* Move New-LoopAction from Private to Public
* Move Get-CIMRegistryProperty from Private to Public
* Move Set-CIMRegistryProperty from Private to Public
* Add Test-CCMStaleLog to module
* Fix bad function reference in Get-CCMClientInfo
* Correct Get-CCMCacheInfo function name in file            
* Get-CCMClientDirectory now returns [pscustomobject] instead of hash table
* Add Get-CCMClientVersion to module
* Add Get-CCMClientInfo to module
           This is a WIP function that will have info added when other functions are developed
* Correct missing references to Get-CCMGUID
* Improve output of Get-CCMApplication
* Add Get-CCMSoftwareUpdateGroup to module
* Add Get-CCMApplication to module
* Add Invoke-CCMApplication to module
* Add Get-CCMCB alias to Get-CCMBaseline
* Update Write-CCMLogEntry function to support pipeline by property name for the message
           Use case would be custom objects with a 'ToLog' property
* Correct alias implementation
* Rename Get-CCMSoftwareUpdatePoint.ps1 file to Get-CCMCurrentSoftwareUpdatePoint.ps1 to match function name
* Add Get-CCMDNSSuffix to module
* Add Get-CCMGUID to module
* Add Set-CCMDNSSuffix to module
* Add Set-CCMManagementPoint to module
* Add Set-CCMSite to module
* Add Get-CCMSite to module
* Adding some aliases for MP/SUP/DDR commands
* Add -whatif support to some functions that should have already had it implemented
* Adding release notes to manifest
* Update Get-CCMUpdate to translate ComplianceState and EvaluationState
* Initial publish to PowerShell Gallery


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.3.1 (current version) 857 11/27/2020
0.3.0 175 3/9/2020
0.2.3 62 2/4/2020
0.2.2 29 2/2/2020
0.2.1 30 2/1/2020
0.2.0 32 1/27/2020
0.1.9 29 1/25/2020
0.1.7 28 1/24/2020
0.1.6 28 1/24/2020
0.1.5 26 1/24/2020
0.1.4 29 1/19/2020
0.1.3 28 1/19/2020
0.1.2 29 1/18/2020
0.1.1 26 1/18/2020
0.1.0 28 1/17/2020
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