PowerShell module used for managing Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager distribution point content.

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Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name PSCMContentMgmt

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Install-PSResource -Name PSCMContentMgmt

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Adam Cook (@codaamok)


(c) 2020 - Adam Cook (@codaamok). All rights reserved.

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Compare-DPContent Compare-DPGroupContent Export-DPContent Find-CMOBject Get-DP Get-DPContent Get-DPDistributionStatus Get-DPGroup Get-DPGroupContent Import-DPContent Invoke-DPContentLibraryCleanup Remove-DPContent Remove-DPGroupContent Set-DPAllowPrestagedContent Start-DPContentDistribution Start-DPContentRedistribution Start-DPGroupContentDistribution


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

# Changed
- Removed the auto-import of ConfigurationManager module, and instead made it a required module in the manifest. This is to better define the dependency and provide a more "traditional" experience. Therefore, you must import the ConfigurationManager module before you can use PSCMContentMgmt.
- Previously, users did not need to specify -SiteServer and -SiteCode parameters. This is because variables $CMSiteServer and $CMSiteCode were automatically defined upon import of PSCMContentMgmt (from attempting to read the registry and WMI to determine where the SMS Provider was and the site code). This behaviour has now changed. You must specify -SiteServer and -SiteCode, but only for at least one command. The same parameter values are remembered for subsequent commands within the same session. See for more details.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.1 (current version) 800 4/22/2022
1.8.20201016.0 672 10/16/2020
1.7.20200925.0 9 9/25/2020
1.6.20200908.0 25 9/8/2020
1.5.20200903.0 14 9/3/2020
1.4.20200903.0 13 9/3/2020
1.3.20200821.4 21 8/21/2020
1.2 27 6/12/2020
1.1 12 6/10/2020
1.0 33 4/18/2020
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