"New URL = {0}",
    "Connecting to {0}",
    "Connecting to {0} with TLS",
    "Upgrading connection to TLS.",
    "Connected with {0} using {1}.",
    "Could not connect to {0}:{1}. Aborting.",
    "Could not connect to {0}:{1} with SSL/TLS. Aborting.",
    "Could not connect to {0}:{1} with SSL/TLS. Retrying with a non-secured connection.",
    "Stripped content type: was={0}, now={1}",
    "No additional query string detected.",
    "Found additional query string={0}",
    "Encoded additional query string={0}",
    "Found existing query string={0}",
    "Sending {0} bytes to server: {1}",
    "An unknown encoder was specified.",
    "Beginning to read (attributes)",
    "Beginning to read (textual type {0})",
    "Reading ≤{0} bytes from the server.",
    "Received {0} bytes from server.",
    "Beginning to read (binary type {0}).",
    "Closing connections.",
    "OUTPUT: {0}",
    "Writing {0} bytes to {1}.",
    "Gopher+ output line: {0}",
    "Found a Gopher link.",
    "Type={0}: {1}",
    "LINK: Type={0}, {1}",
    "Testing extension {0} against {1}.",
    "Guessing that the extension {0} is of type {1}",