Connect to Gopher and Gopher+ servers.

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Install-Module -Name PSGopher

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Install-PSResource -Name PSGopher

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(c) 2021-2023 Colin Cogle. Licensed under the AGPL, version 3 or later.

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  • Colin Cogle <>


Gopher GopherPlus Gopher+ SecureGopher SecureGopher+ GopherS SGopher Gopher-TLS download igr Overbite port70 RFC1436 RFC4266 small_web cURL SSL TLS Windows macOS Linux






This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

-  Signed code for PowerShell Gallery.
- Added support for language translations!  Create a file called 'translations.json' in this module's language folder, and this script will find it (e.g., 'en-US/translations.json').  Please contribute them on GitHub!
-  Fixed content type reporting.  Now, types are always an ASCII character, and never a number.  This is in line with the Gopher specification.  For example, the Gophermap type will be reported correctly as '1' (ASCII 49) instead of 1 (0x1).  Please update any code that relies on this module.
-  Added Pester tests.
-  Fixed a bug where explicit content types might be returned as plain text when they are in fact Gopher menus.
-  Fixed a bug where saving binary files with '-OutFile' might throw an error under some circumstances.
-  Fixed a bug where saving text files with '-OutFile' might append an additional CR+LF.
-  Fixed a bug where the 'Content' property would not contain correct data when using Gopher+ views.
-  Fixed a bug where generic images (those of type 'I') would not be detected as images, due to PowerShell's 'Switch' blocks being case-insensitive, even when using regular expressions.
-  Remove 'Desktop' from 'PSCompatibleEditions'.  This module has required PowerShell 7 since the beginning, and was never compatible with downlevel versions.
-  Cleaned up minor things reported by PSScriptAnalyzer.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.0.1 (current version) 349 3/29/2023
1.3.3 22 11/24/2022
1.3.2 18 10/29/2022
1.3.1 10 10/29/2022
1.3.0 11 10/29/2022
1.2.0 30 7/1/2022
1.1.1 14 6/30/2022
1.0.2 31 2/8/2022
1.0.1 22 12/5/2021
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