Module that queries Lansweeper for data.

Minimum PowerShell version


Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name PSLansweeper

Copy and Paste the following command to install this package using Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet More Info

Install-PSResource -Name PSLansweeper

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Przemyslaw Klys


(c) 2011 - 2019 Przemyslaw Klys. All rights reserved.

Package Details



Lansweeper Reporting windows linux macos




Desktop Core



  • PSLansweeper.nuspec
  • PSLansweeper.psd1
  • PSLansweeper.psm1
  • Resources\Reports\Adobe July Security Update Vulnerability Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\All Installed Windows Software.sql
  • Resources\Reports\All Servers Types.sql
  • Resources\Reports\All Workstations Without Antivirus Software Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Asset Uptime Since Last Reboot Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\BitLocker Drive Encryption Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Computer Processor Information.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Dell SupportAssist DLL Hijacking Vulnerability Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Firefox 68 Security Update Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Installed Web Browsers.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Installed Windows Features.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Installed Windows Updates.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool Vulnerability Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Local Printers.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Microsoft BlueKeep Vulnerability Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Microsoft Patch Tuesday Audit – July 2019.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Microsoft Patch Tuesday Audit – June 2019.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Monitor Information.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Multiple Chrome 75 Vulnerabilities Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Non OEM Windows License.sql
  • Resources\Reports\OEM Windows License.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Printer Status.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Printer Toner Level.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Servers with Less Than 10% Free Disk Space Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Shared Printers.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Software License Key Overview.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Uptime Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Windows Automatic Update Settings Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Windows Disk Space Audit.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Windows Server Overview.sql
  • Resources\Reports\Workstations with Less Than 10% Free Disk Space Audit.sql

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.0.3 (current version) 1,497 7/14/2019
0.0.2 38 7/14/2019
0.0.1 39 7/13/2019