Divide a root network range into it's component subnets

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Install-Module -Name PSSubnetCarver -RequiredVersion 1.5.0

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Install-PSResource -Name PSSubnetCarver -Version 1.5.0

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Package Details


  • Luke Arp and Chris Martin


Networking VirtualNetworking Subnet Subnetting IP IPAddress


Import-SCContext Export-SCContext Rename-SCContext Clear-SCContext Get-SCContext Get-SCSubnet Set-SCContext Test-SCNetworkIsValid Remove-SCSubnet


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

           Removed compiled cmdlets, module now calls qIPAM library code with native PowerShell functions. This removes any potential for dependency issues inside the compiled cmdlet, since they are pure PowerShell now.

           Help references and instead of and, which aren't valid ranges.

           Updated qIPAM.dll to version 1.3.0

           Added the Remove-SCSubnet function to make it easier to remove an already-consumed range from an in-memory context, without having to rebuild the entire context.
               This feature will not remove chunks of consumed space (so you can't take an existing /16 and turn it into a /24 directly by only removing the no-longer-valid part), but you can remove the large range, then immediately add the smaller, effectively doing the same thing.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.1.0 96 11/3/2022
2.0.0 69 12/19/2021
1.5.0 (current version) 21 9/22/2021
1.3.0 20 9/1/2021
1.2.0 36 8/25/2021
1.1.0 13 8/24/2021
0.0.5 16 7/16/2021
0.0.3 14 6/21/2021
0.0.2 13 6/16/2021
0.0.1 14 6/16/2021
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