The module allows you to scan a range of IP addresses to obtain information about the status of individual machines. Returns information about ICMP status, optionally the machine name from DNS, and status of ports or remote management protocols like WMI/WSMan

Minimum PowerShell version


Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name PSSubnetScan

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Install-PSResource -Name PSSubnetScan

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(c) 2020 Michal Gajda. All rights reserved.

Package Details


  • Michal Gajda


Get-PSSubnet Get-PSSubnetInfo Get-PSSubnetScan


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

v2.0.3  - Add AsHashtable param to return result in hasthable format.
       - Add SslProtocol param to define specific SSL protocol for tests.
       - Add TlsCipherSuite param to define specific TLS cipher suite for tests. Supported only on Linux PowerShell Core.

v2.0.2 - Change data type of PortList param from int[] to string[] for support ports with protocols
       - Add CommonPorts param.

v2.0.1 - Implementing Udp port scan

v2.0.0 - Rewrite whole script module to binary module


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 226 4/14/2022 366 2/4/2021 29 1/26/2021 185 4/29/2020