This module contain cmdlets to manage Windows Update Client.

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Install-Module -Name PSWindowsUpdate

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Michal Gajda


(c) 2011-2020 Michal Gajda. All rights reserved.



Add-WUServiceManager Enable-WURemoting Get-WindowsUpdate Get-WUApiVersion Get-WUHistory Get-WUInstallerStatus Get-WUJob Get-WULastResults Get-WURebootStatus Get-WUServiceManager Get-WUSettings Invoke-WUJob Remove-WindowsUpdate Remove-WUServiceManager Set-WUSettings Update-WUModule Set-PSWUSettings Reset-WUComponents Get-WUOfflineMSU


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

v2.2.0  - New cmdlet Reset-WUComponents, for reset Windows Updates components to default
- New cmdlet Get-WUOfflineMSU, for download offline msu package from microsoft Update Catalog

v2.1.1  - Remove-WindowsUpdate added WU Api uninstallation mode
- Fixed bug with slow run cmdlets
- Added support for Office 365 users to send emails

v2.1.0  - New cmdlet Set-PSWUSettings, for save PSWUSettings to xml file
- Param -SendReport can use smtp server credentials
- Install-WindowsUpdate added -RecurseCycle param, to install next updates after reboot
- Install-WindowsUpdate added new pre search criteria: DeploymentAction, IsAssigned, IsPresent, BrowseOnly and AutoSelectOnWebSites
- Change location of PSWindowsUpdate.log file to $Env:TEMP
- Fixed Get-WULastResults bugs
- Fixed Remove-WUServiceManager bugs

v2.0.0 - Rewrite whole script module to binary module

Cmdlets maping for old module:
v1.6.x                  => v2.0.x
Add-WUOfflineSync       => Add-WUServiceManager
Add-WUServiceManager    => Add-WUServiceManager
-                       => Enable-WURemoting
Get-WUHistory           => Get-WUHistory
Get-WUList              => Get-WindowsUpdate
Get-WUInstall           => Download-WindowsUpdate  (or Get-WindowsUpdate -Download)
Get-WUInstall           => Install-WindowsUpdate   (or Get-WindowsUpdate -Install)
Hide-WUUpdate           => Hide-WindowsUpdate      (or Get-WindowsUpdate -Hide)
Get-WUInstallerStatus   => Get-WUInstallerStatus
Get-WURebootStatus      => Get-WURebootStatus
Get-WUServiceManager    => Get-WUServiceManager
Get-WUUninstall         => Remove-WindowsUpdate
Invoke-WUInstall        => Invoke-WUJob
-                       => Get-WUJob
Remove-WUOfflineSync    => Remove-WUServiceManager
Remove-WUServiceManager => Remove-WUServiceManager
Get-WUAPIVersion        => Get-WUAPIVersion
Get-WULastResults       => Get-WULastResults
Start-WUDetectNow       => -
Start-WUService         => -
Get-WUSettings          => Get-WUSettings
Set-WUSettings          => Set-WUSettings
Update-WUModule         => Update-WUModule

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated (current version) 9,045,307 4/20/2020
2.2.0-beta 54 4/17/2020 26,188,885 3/5/2019 445,527 2/15/2019 1,187,828 12/5/2018 2,308,452 3/16/2018 137,934 1/12/2018 73,378 12/27/2017 167,101 10/27/2017