Checks for vDisks and versioning and will export XML if required.  Script will then robocopy all vDisk files out to all PVS servers.  Once copied script will import and set versioning to match local server.

Installation Options

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Install-Script -Name PVSReplicate

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Citrix PVS Replicate vDisk Import Export


copy-vhds export-alldisks import-versions test-pvsdisk test-pvsvhdx test-private import-vdisks


This script has no dependencies.

Release Notes

02-28-17: Initial release
05-09-17: Added "Site" option to only replicate specific site.
07-27-17: Added 'JustAdmin' switch to only replicate to single server
07-27-17: Added 'disk' argument to copy specific disk
08-28-17: Updated for PS gallery
09-14-17: Moved repo

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.6.5 (current version) 217 9/14/2017
1.6.4 9 9/14/2017
1.6.3 19 8/29/2017