A PowerShell module for handling color and cursor positioning via ANSI escape sequences

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Install-Module -Name Pansies

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Joel Bennett


(c) 2017 Joel Bennett. All rights reserved.

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ANSI EscapeSequences VirtualTerminal Color


New-Text New-Hyperlink Write-Host Get-Gradient Get-Complement Get-ColorWheel


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This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

       2.6.0: Make X11Palette an ArgumentCompleter:
           - It will tab-complete X11 color names. If you Ctrl+Space you get the list with preview swatches...
       2.5.0: Add a RGBColor constructor for the X11ColorName enum
           - So you can cast color names to RGBColor:
               using namespace PoshCode.Pansies
               using namespace PoshCode.Pansies.Palettes
       2.4.0: Switch to IPSMetadata serialization
           - Also add some cast constructors
           - Also add pipeline parameterSets for Get-Complement and Get-Cradient
           - Also minimize the whitespace when outputting color formatted
           - Also enabled emoji and nerdfont entities by default
       2.3.1: Fix index problem decoding entities
       2.3.0: Add emoji support
           - Also add nerdfont support
       2.2.0: Add static methods for speed optimization
       2.1.0: Hyperlinks
           - Added New-Hyperlink (alias URL) now that Windows Terminal supports them.
             Note that Windows Console (conhost) _does not_ support hyperlinks, and any terminal which does not will ignore them.
             For compatibility, always use the Uri as the text (i.e. do not pass the object parameter).
           - Added -PersistentColor option to reset the Foreground and Background for each object output when outputting arrays.
       2.0.0: Breaking change for the library:
           - Merge the "Colormine" namespace into PoshCode.Pansies
             Originally, this was a 3rd party MIT licensed library by @THEJoeZack.
             He pulled his repo, so I am now just integrating it into Pansies
           - Expose Complement and Gradient in the C# library for others to use
               - Add GetComplement() method to RgbColor
               - Add PoshCode.Pansies.Gradient class with GetGradient static method
               - Add Get-Complement and Get-Gradient wrappers in module assembly
       1.3.0: The color provider release
           - Add a RgbColor PSProvider that can convert colors to their escape sequences
           - Add Fg: drive and Bg: drive so you can "$Fg:Red$Bg:Blue$YourMessage"
           - Add support for x11 color names to make the drives more useful
       1.2.2: Use full namespace + class name for RgbColor
       1.2.1: Fix cmdlet export so New-Text and Write-Host show back up
              Make EXTERNALHELP work for functions
              Provide help for Get-Complement
       1.2.0: Better support for using ConsoleColors
              Added Get-Complement to calculate the HSL complement or contrasting colors
              Fixed ConsolePalette so it reads the current console colors when possible
       1.1.0: Support for serialization by the Configuration module
              Fix output of "bright" color object in ConEmu (workaround ConEmu bug)
       1.0.0: Pre-release version with support for RGB colors


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.6.0 (current version) 5,875 8/18/2022
2.5.0 8 8/18/2022
2.4.0 265 8/11/2022
2.4.0-serial... 12 7/18/2022
2.3.1 8,989 8/28/2021
2.3.0 1,080 7/19/2021
2.3.0-emoji0002 7 7/19/2021
2.1.1 4,852 1/20/2021
2.1.0 1,969 10/3/2020
2.0.0 3,136 5/8/2020
1.4.0-beta03 390 9/8/2018
1.4.0-beta02 17 9/6/2018
1.4.0-beta01 49 9/4/2018
1.3.0 755 4/13/2020
1.3.0-beta01 39 7/23/2018
1.2.1 14,281 10/10/2017
1.2.0 20 10/10/2017
1.0.0 1,293 5/11/2017
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