PowerShell module to query Windows Event Logs

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Install-Module -Name PoShEvents -RequiredVersion 0.2.1

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Dave Carroll


(c) 2018 Dave Carroll. All rights reserved.



PoShEvents Events EventLogs PowerShell AzureAutomationNotSupported


ConvertFrom-EventLogRecord Get-GPOProcessingEvent Get-KMSClientEvent Get-KMSHostEvent Get-KMSHostLicenseCheckEvent Get-LogonFailureEvent Get-OSVersionFromEvent Get-PrintDocumentEvent Get-RemoteLogonEvent Get-ServiceEvent Get-SystemRestartEvent


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## 0.2.1

* Moved online help to http://powershell.anovelidea.org/modulehelp/PoShEvents
* Added updateable help to http://powershell.anovelidea.org/modulehelp/PoShEvents

## 0.2.0

* Get-AccountManagementEvent - removed function in order to work on it in more detail
* ConvertFrom-EventLogRecord - switched to new pipeline execution method and switched to using hashtable before object build
* Add TypeData and FormatData for functions
* Add -Raw swich to present the raw event log records without converting them
   * Useful for some functions that use complex XML filters
* Updated help

For full Release Notes, see https://github.com/thedavecarroll/PoShEvents/blob/master/ReleaseNotes.md

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.4.1 124 1/26/2020
0.4.0 30 1/8/2020
0.2.1 (current version) 207 8/27/2018
0.2.0 27 7/3/2018
0.1.2 19 5/23/2018
0.1.1 14 5/12/2018
0.1.0 12 5/4/2018