Module for the creation and managing of Sysinternal Sysmon configuration XML files.

Minimum PowerShell version


Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Posh-Sysmon -RequiredVersion 0.7.5

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Install-PSResource -Name Posh-Sysmon -Version 0.7.5

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(c) 2017 Carlos Perez carlos_Perez@darkoperator.com. All rights reserved.

Package Details


  • Carlos Perez carlos_Perez@darkoperator.com


Sysmon Security Logging


Get-SysmonHashingAlgorithm Get-SysmonRule New-SysmonConfiguration New-SysmonDriverLoadFilter New-SysmonFileCreateFilter New-SysmonImageLoadFilter New-SysmonNetworkConnectFilter New-SysmonProcessCreateFilter New-SysmonProcessTerminateFilter Remove-SysmonRule Remove-SysmonRuleFilter Set-SysmonHashingAlgorithm Set-SysmonRule Get-SysmonEventData Get-SysmonRuleFilter New-SysmonProcessAccessFilter New-SysmonFileCreateStreamHashFilter New-SysmonRegistryFilter New-SysmonPipeFIlter


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Version 0.7.5
* Support for Schema 3.3 of Sysmon v6.
* New function New-SysmonPipeEvent for filtering for named pipeline cration and connection events.
* Support of PipeEvent in config creation and event type functions.
* Several bug fixes on filtering functions when give an array of values.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.2 1,935 9/21/2018
1.1 225 3/5/2018
1.0 21 3/4/2018
0.7.5 (current version) 400 2/20/2017
0.7.3 121 11/20/2016
0.7.2 88 8/25/2016
0.7.1 29 8/16/2016
0.7 19 8/15/2016
0.6 29 7/29/2016
0.5.1 104 2/25/2016
0.4 65 11/4/2015
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