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This is a prerelease version of Press.
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Install-Module -Name Press -RequiredVersion 0.3.0-beta0033 -AllowPrerelease

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Justin Grote


Copyright 2021 Justin Grote, All Rights Reserved. Released under the MIT license



Build-ReleaseNotes Compress-Module Copy-ModuleFiles Get-PublicFunctions Get-Setting Get-Version Invoke-Clean New-NugetPackage Restore-NugetPackages Set-ReleaseNotes Set-Version Test-Pester Update-GithubRelease Update-PublicFunctions


Release Notes

## [0.3.0-beta0033] - 2021-06-09
### New Features
- ✨ Pester Test Tasks Now Isolated to Jobs (#18)  
   Enables Pester Tests to be run in an isolated job, useful for avoiding local context dependencies like profiles, and allows for repeated testing of custom c# assemblies and powershell classes without having to restart the main powershell process.
- ✨ Add -Full option for Build-ReleaseNotes  
   This parameter generates the entire changelog for the whole project, not just since the last release tag (0ad7852)
- ✨ Restore-NugetPackages  
   Allows you to specify a set of nuget packages via hashtable and have the DLLs copied to the module (24c0da9)
- ✨ PowerConfig Configuration Engine (#14)  
   Press can now be configured by using environment variables and a .config/Press.yml file. See the "Configuring Press" section in the readme for more detail.
- ✨ Add commits and author credit to Release Notes (#15)  
   Release notes now will include direct commit links to directly committed changes  
   "Thanks" credits will be added for the primary author of a pull request if it is not the same person who committed the PR.

### Minor Updates and Bug Fixes
- ♻️ Use PSGetv2 Methods for Nuget Packaging (#21)  
   Switched to a higher performance nuget package process using PSGetv2 Private Methods.  
   This also avoids the problem where dependent modules must be present for the older "loopback publish" method of generating a nupkg
- 🐛 Release Notes fail if template .psd1 doesn't have a releasenotes property (#20)
- ⬆️ PowerConfig 0.1.6 (#19)
- 🩹 Clean up some unnecessary output for Windows Powershell Task (57d08ca)
- 🩹 Use different output file for WinPS Test Results (4b90b47)
- 📦 Stub out Invoke-Build bootstrap (db993c1)
- 📝 Add Press Logo and intro blurb (8f61aae)
- 🩹 Remove-BuildItem suppressRule incorrect constructor (591b51b)
- ♻️ Move Output Encoding into Build-ReleaseNotes (71544df)
- 🧪 Fix Build-ReleaseNotes Test Output Encoding  
   The test would fail if run in a "normal" Powershell console due to the encoding from the native git command not being processed correctly (f2455cd)
- ♻️ Script Analyzer Rules Update and Code Fixes (#16)  
   Enabled additional script analyzer rules and performed appropriate fixes (mostly trailing whitespace)
- ➖ Drop support for deprecated ubuntu-16.04 (82dd229)
- 🔥 Dockerfile (moved to separate repo) (1e44253)
- 🩹 Suppress Progress Output in Actions (964ec67)
- 🧪 Add Act testing config (940aa2a)
- 🐛 Build fails if Using Namespace statement exists (796f097)
- 🐛 Requirements file path changed but not updated in Github Actions (956415c)
- 👷 Generalize the deployment process (7c03b09)
- 🐛 Version would fail with empty input if no giversion specified (63c63cd)
- 🐛 .config does not get published (b6014ab)
- 📦 Make PowerCD Specific File Copies their own tasks (1c3832a)
- 🐛 Press RequiredModules not present in manifest (3e744f2)
- 🐛 RequiredModules.psd1 in consuming repository not detected (#10)
- 📝 Added some general information about how the Press workflow operates (736564f)

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.3.1 161 8/21/2021
0.3.1-beta0001 3 8/21/2021
0.3.0-beta0033 (current version) 57 6/9/2021
0.3.0-beta0032 2 6/8/2021
0.3.0-beta0031 2 6/8/2021
0.3.0-beta0030 113 6/8/2021
0.3.0-beta0029 2 6/8/2021
0.3.0-beta0028 2 6/8/2021
0.3.0-beta0027 9 5/28/2021
0.3.0-beta0026 2 5/27/2021
0.3.0-beta0025 10 5/26/2021
0.3.0-beta0024 2 5/26/2021
0.3.0-beta0023 2 5/26/2021
0.3.0-beta0022 2 5/26/2021
0.3.0-beta0021 2 5/25/2021
0.3.0-beta0020 2 5/21/2021
0.3.0-beta0019 2 5/21/2021
0.3.0-beta0018 3 5/19/2021
0.2.4-beta0013 6 5/12/2021
0.2.4-beta0012 4 5/12/2021
0.2.4-beta0011 4 5/12/2021
0.2.4-beta0010 4 5/3/2021
0.2.4-beta0009 52 4/14/2021
0.2.4-beta0008 4 4/14/2021
0.2.4-beta0007 3 4/14/2021
0.2.4-beta0006 34 4/14/2021
0.2.4-beta0005 3 4/14/2021
0.2.4-beta0004 5 4/14/2021
0.2.4-beta0003 5 4/13/2021
0.2.4-beta0002 3 4/13/2021
0.2.4-beta0001 3 4/13/2021
0.2.3 46 4/13/2021
0.2.3-beta0001 2 4/13/2021
0.2.2 5 4/13/2021
0.2.2-beta0001 2 4/13/2021